Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Unwanted Guest...

 Why is it that when you least expect it... there is... The Unwanted Guest. My hair was a mess, I was in my LEI PJ's, and I had already removed my make up.  Now, I would like to think I am the perfect host.  I am all for having a gathering (I loved throwing Pampered Chef party's), there is nothing I would love more then company (really! unless I am dating you, I don't mind if you show up unannounced), and I can talk with the best of them (so a girls social sleep over is not a problem).

What is the problem then?  (You ask)  Huh?

I love Disney movies, I could sit down for and watch them for hours.  One of the movies I like best it Ratatouille, how cute that movie was, and the story behind the movie... You can do anything, no matter who you are.  Such a delightful movie, yes? 

A few nights ago, as I was reading my daily blogs, something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention.  A blur of sorts,, a blackish mass shooting across my bedroom.  Not knowing what it was, and not sure I wasn't just seeing things.  I carefully got up out of my chair, tip toed to my bedroom door, peaked around the corner and listened.  Now, everything that goes bump in the night, is S C R E A M I N G   L O U DY.
  All the things you think of while your are single and alone in a one bedroom apartment, rushes to the front of your mind.  "Did I lock both dead bolts on the door"?  "Is the safety bar down on the slider"?.. (I think as I make my way down the hallway)... Darn it, why didn't I grab my phone off the desk?  I can be dead in this apartment for days before anyone notices (second thought as I peak around the hallway into the living room).  Why haven't fix the keys I made for the girls? (last thought just before I walk into the living room).

Nothing thank goodness.  I was alone in my apartment (the one time I was thankful for being alone).  Then what was the blur?  The blackish mass?  I didn't know, but I knew I wasn't going to be caught off guard, so I stayed awake until 5:30am that morning.  I went through old blogs of Ree PW, surfed the internet, listened to music on line, and even drank a pot or two of coffee.  When it was just starting to hit dusk, I laid down on my bed made of air, and slept.  With the bedroom light on.  And the bathroom light on.  And the TV playing in the living room.  When I woke up two hours later, I couldn't find any sign of anyone in the apartment, out side of myself.  So, I blew it of.  While keeping it in the back of my mind that is.  For the next two/three nights I slept with the bathroom light on, it glows down the hallway, and into entrance way of my bed room so gracefully... just to be on the safe side.

Last night, while reading the newest posting on my daily blog, there is was.  The blur.  The blackish mass. This time, not fast enough before my eyes caught glimpse of what it was.  Short little legs, a long thin tail, and a nose that seemed small and pinkish.  A Mouse.  Great!!  The one thing in the world no one wants as a guest.  Not even for a short visit.  Not even in a cage as a pet.  Not even in a photo, set in a nice frame.  And surely not as a house guest.  A Mouse. 

As the thought settled into my brain, I planned out ways to get rid of my unwanted house guest.  "An old fashion trap", and then the after thought "OMG, I will hear that loud pop and the scream of a dying mouse". Nope,  have to find another way.  "A glue trap", and then the after thought "Who is going to throw out the trap if the mouse is only caught by the legs or partial body"?  Nope, wont do.  "A live bait trap",  again the after thought "Oh, come on, you know you will never pick up a live bait trap".  For a split second there, I thought about letting the stupid unwanted guest alone... like I said, that was only for a split second.  I could never let a mouse move in with me.  I may want company, but a mouse isn't it.   

So today, this very morning in fact, I will shop for a glue trap.  I figured... I couldn't be in my room, in that just about to fall into dream land and hear... POP...  I will have to, of course, plan with my ever so brave son in law Cody, to stop by and check my glue traps for me... but I am more then sure that wont be a problem.  After all, I gave him the best thing in his life; my daughter Tabitha.

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  1. were there a little one there must be a mom and dad gool luck with your unwanted guess. and i like this profile MOM (BUT NOT THE MOUSE)