Friday, March 4, 2011

Wolverine and lunch..

Bellowing clouds.  I think this picture is beautiful  ~ captured by Tabitha

No, he didn't call me right away.  It was almost a week later.  During my break, I looked at my phone and realized there was a missed call. I hadn't recognized the number {as a rule, I won't answer my phone if I dont know the number}, so i was hoping there was a voice message.  It was David AKA Wolverine, a short but sweet message.  For the next few days, and maybe it was weeks we played phone tag.  If he was out of his truck, the phone would just ring; and if i was working, it would ring to voice mail.  When we got the chance to meet for lunch, I jumped on it.  

We met at Lone Star Bar and Grill.  Wolverine was going to be in town during his lunch, and thought it would be the perfect time to sit down to a steak lunch.  Also because we had been talking on the phone one time, and he said something about taking me out for a real good steak meal.  I was very receptive of this idea, seeing how i so needed a good steak meal.  It was during this lunch, that I once again asked if he was married.. the answer was still no {can't blame a girl for double checking}, he didn't have any children... just a dog that acted like a child.  We talked about my sister Gladys who had died long ago, and the brother he lost a while back.  The sisters he visits with in Dallas and the Family I have in Florida.  I told him about the New York trip i was planning to take with my mother, he blankly looked at me, and then added "I am going to have to talk with your mother."  "What for?" I asked.  With out skipping a beat, he said "to make sure you come back."  I suddenly felt shorter in my chair, I think I might have melted just a little bit.  

The conversation was awesome, I hated to see it end. He paid for our lunch, and as we walked I said "I'm parked over here"  He answered "I know, I parked right next to you."  I caught quickly that he already knew my car by site.  He walked me right to the drivers door,  "We'll have to do this again" I smiled up at him, "I would like that very much."  A very gentlemen kiss, and we were on our separate ways.  By the time I was walking into my apartment, my phone was ringing.. Wolverine.  My heart leaped, he called to  tell me "I had a very nice time at lunch.  Thank you.  I look forward to another chance to take you out for a better steak.  That place wasn't very good. You didn't even eat all of yours."  I was touched deeply "The meal was fine, though I would love to do it again, I was just enjoying the conversation."  Shortly after, we said our goodbyes and hung up.

I was hooked.  I didn't know that much about him, but I know the insane calling I felt around him...  raging hot flashes, tumbling swirling butterflies, and bouts of running mouth syndrome.  Other then that, I was right as rain. 

How I hadn't run him off is far beyond me.  What the heck was wrong with me.  Get a grip Joslinda, you are an educated 45 year old woman. By now Christmas was around the corner, and my mother flew to Texas to spend 2 1/2 weeks with me.  I had already told my mother about Wolverine, there isn't much I keep from my mom, but Wolverine knew she was coming... and just as any respectable gentleman would do, he gave me space to spend time with her and the family.  While I worked, Tabitha entertained my mother at her house, and sometime, mom just stayed in the apartment reading {to cold to go outside she would say}, and twice during my short shifts, she would walk around Walmart checking things out.  

One day, after I had gotten home from work {Ashley dropped me off and kept my car} My phone rang.  I had just walked into the apartment, set my purse on the table, and my phone rang.  It was Wolverine.  "Lets go have drinks."  he said  "Have drinks" I asked "You want to have drinks now."  I think I was a little taken off guard.  My mother was waving her had, as to say go on, get outta here.  So I said "OK, lets go have drinks. But, Um, I don't have my car.  Ashley just dropped me off and she went to her boy friends house."  "I'll be there shortly" he said.  Shortly. I thought.  Shortly.  That means no changing clothes, means no fresh make up.  Shortly means now.  I thought about having a panic attack, but Shortly meant I didn't have time.  Just then, my phone rang "How do i get to your apartment?"  He asked  "Where are you" I said  "I just pulled into the entrance way by the church" he added "Just keeping coming around, i am standing in front of my door, second floor."  "OK, got you. yep I see you know."  he said  "I'll be right down."  I answered.

Our Drinks Date was at Crispy Fried Chicken.  So Funny... I thought "drinks" was at a bar some where.  He ordered sweet tea, and I has a sprite.   It was a very quaint short drink date, almost one of reassurance.  Within thirty minutes I was back at my apartment and he was headed back to the office.   The one thing that I loved about that short Drink Date.. was that in the middle of his day, he thought of me. 

~ Josie ~

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