Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The voice of .. Eli

There is something about shopping for myself, you may not know;  I hate it.  Now, not many women feel that way, I realize this.  But I really hate spending money on myself.  I could find so much more to do with that money.  Things for the house maybe.  Extra clothing for the grand children.  Items for my children.  But shopping for me personally, I would rather eat dirt then shop.  OK, maybe not dirt.

ME.. and I love the hair cut/color..
Today Tabitha, Eli, and myself went shopping.  It was so pretty outside.  There was a breeze, the sun was out, the sky was perfectly blue.  It was a great day. 

The first stop was Walmart in Waxahachie, they have the cell phone I was looking for.  While we were there, we did some shopping for my New York trip.  Nothing like trying on different outfits.. again,  I hated it.  But, what we picked out is awesome.   Nothing to dressy, no heels,  just relaxing spring outfits.  Fitting,  for visiting and taking in the sites. Thanks to Tabitha, and all her help.
Tabitha.. Cant get enough of her..

When we were  through, it was time for lunch.. all three of us were feeling the stomach growl.  We picked Ryan's Steakhouse, because it's a buffet for one, and we wouldn't have to wait for some one to bring out Eli's food.  Besides, we try to keep away from the fast food places {McDonald's and such} as much as we can.  We both got the all you can eat salad bar.  The greatest thing about the salad bar is; there are fries, chicken, ham and a bunch of other things to choose from.. this is where Eli's meal came in.  Although, Eli was letting us know.. He was not having any more of this "Shopping Thing".. 

Eli.. voicing his opinion..

There were no tears.  No head bashing fits.  No thrashings.  No kicking.  Just voicing his dislike for shopping.

Moment for a breath, and cookie...

He just does not like shopping at all.  If he were older, I am sure he would have rather stay home with his father and brother.. just so happened that this is Wednesday.  Dad is working, and Garrett is in school.. So poor Eli didn't have a choice... and he voiced it when he was at the half way point with his cookie...

"And another thing"...

This was the moment, I am sure, he was getting his point across.  When lunch was over, Tabitha and I gave into Eli's demands.  Just one stop at HEB, and then home.  When Eli heard that, it was like music to his ears...

"Home...Now you're talking"

  I think the best part of the day.  Was seeing Eli's face when we stopped at HEB.  They have the coolest shopping cart, just for children.. and Eli was in heaven when he sat down...

just look at that face...

A yellow cart, with a steering wheel, and a balloon.. He was as happy as could be.  And so were we..

It was this face.. that one right there.. that let us know, we didn't scar him for life.  Maybe, just maybe.. sometime in the future.. there will be shopping with Eli once again.  We will have to wait and see, don't want to push our luck.

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