Monday, March 21, 2011

A Gift from my son, be still my heart..

There is nothing in life, as a parent, that could compare to a gift from a child.  

My son ~ James 

 A Gift from YOUR Child...

When your child is small, and they bring you weeds as flowers.. All three of my children have done this.

Or, when you are sitting at the dining room table, and your child brings you worms... Tabitha did this. 

My Eldest ~ Tabitha

How about when the newest member of the family is a lizard, and you find it in the kitchen.. Yeah, both of my girls have done that.  

Then there is the snake that just couldn't be lived with out, and you come home to find it has gotten out of the cage.. oh yeah.  and it is hiding in the knob section of your range.. That was fun, and a wonderful gift from my son...

My youngest ~ Ashley

 The cups full of Rollie Pollies, that just had to be rescued... Ashley found plenty of these...

Still, there is nothing like getting gifts from your child.

I makes you feel complete.  Proud. 
I wrote a Blog ~ A Navy Mom is Born...  The title my son gave me in June of 2008.  It is about the battle of being proud and scared to death.  Supporting and falling apart.  Just a peek into what being a Military Mother is like... You can read the Blog by clicking the link {to the right of this Blog} under "Awed by these Archived".. just look for "A Navy Mom is Born".  

Anyway, when my son read my Blog, he sent me  {What I Call}  a poem.. and it could even be versus of a song, I dont care.. because no matter where the words came from..

It was the greatest thing I could have ever gotten. 

The words are his.. The ones he sent to me... I read them while my daughter Tabitha was here... And it was all I could to to keep the tears back...  I was thought of...

I have the Navy image saved as a picture, and when I seen these words.. I knew I had to have the image as a background. 

It turned out perfect.  

Yesterday I found the perfect wood frame.  It will hang over my desk.. So I can read it every day.. 

Thank you son.. No one will every know what you truly mean to me..  I love you so much..  You bring me the greatest joy a parent could ever know...

~ Love you tons ~ Mom

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