Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod..

The ~ I want it first look..
I can't quite remember.  So, I am not to sure how much competition  there was between my sisters and myself. With my grand daughters, Jayla and Arianna ~ I find there is alot.  Seems no matter what Jayla has, Arianna wants it.  And no matter what Arianna has, Jayla wants it.  Regardless of how old the toy may be, or how young it maybe, there is some kind of competition going on between the two of them.   

Pretending to sleep... They do love being together.

There are more times then not, where they are glued at the hip.  When one isn't around, the other is asking where they are.  If one is in trouble, the other goes and sits by their side.  Patting the others arm or leg in comfort.  

The.. Sissy has it and I want it face...
On the days, were as Jayla puts it.. "All I ever hear is Sissy, Sissy, Sissy.  I am getting tired of that."  It is almost a battle zone.  One can't play with something with out the other wanting it.  

So, I have learned to keep plenty of Cheerios in the apartment.  A full box at all times.  With girls, there is nothing like cooking.  Even if it is on the living room coffee table.  Plus, being able to cook with every day flatware and bowls, is a treat.  I pull out the two empty coffee containers, the two sets of measuring cups and spoons, the set of butter dishes i saved (two sets of large and small), and extra silverware.  Talk about being in heaven.  I then give them each some Cheerios, and let them cook their hearts out.  They both love it, and have a good time playing together. Dress up... Cooking... Pretending... That's the golden ticket.

Of course, no matter what I am doing, I have to try out the cooking of both girls.  

Then I put in the new movie Tangles, a big hit.  When the movie really captured Jayla, she sat on the sofa and didn't seem to move an inch.  At one point I heard Jayla screaming  "Nana, hurry.. Indians!!"  I rushed into the living room only for her to say,  "See, now you missed it."  and then came the wants and wishes that never stopped.  Funny, how I had forgotten.  I had the same dreams once.  "I want long hair just like that." Jayla said  "Do you think I will have a prince charming." Jayla wondered  "Aut Dat, Neya" Arianna said pointing to the horse...  "and a castle too." Jayla adds  "Ess"  Arianna added.  "I need a purple dress Nana.  You know that i like purple don't you"?  Jayla throws in a hint and Arianna says "Ont Dat Ess Neya.  Boo".  Put in a movie with a princess, and the girls are taken to another world.  One with pretty dresses, and big castles, horses, and adventures.. the world of make believe.  

Jayla is engrosses overs Rupenzzles long hair and Arianna has found the chapstick.  Seems, for the moment, fArianna is more worried about her lips, than the movie. And boy is Arianna look cute.  She even made up Jaylas Lips.  Little girls.  It is never a dull moment.  

First to get the chap stick out far enough..
And then it is mastering the application...
and lastly.. *Smack* you have to smack your lips.. to seal it , sorta..
  Once you have it down,.and you are a Master in the Art of Applying Lipstick,  the only thing left; you have to share..
Pretty lips for Jayla...
No matter who mad these sisters get at each other.  No matter how much Jayla claims to be tired of hearing "Sissy", or no matter how may times Arianna doesn't want to share.  These two sisters come together in the end.  Like to peas in a pod.  Joined at the hip.

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