Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Welcome Home...

I was standing out on my balcony tonight, thinking, I love apartment living.   I haven't always lived in an apartment.  There were times throughout my life where I had the yard,  the gardenias along the walk way, plenty of weeds to pull out of flower beds, ant beds to tackle, and creepy crawlies in the garage.  I loved that as well.

Our house in Fla.  Summerfield.

 Tender loving care is what we gave to our house.  Slowly adding objects, plants, and simple touches to make it reflect who we were. 

Laughter filled these walls from ceiling to floor, door to door.  Sweet was poured on every inch of the grounds.  It was Home... Our home.

 I would love to sit in the rockers at the entrance way.  The smell of the blooming gardenias was inviting.  And so pretty to look at.  During rainy days, I would watch as the black clouds moved in and rain danced along the leaves, moving each one so carefully, and just as quickly as the storm came, the sun would come out and brighten the green grass... add a glow to the flowers, and life would emerge.  Oh, there were some fum times at this house...  Our Summerfield getaway.  I shared this house with my daughter Tabitha, son in law, Cody and,  grandson Garrett.  Ask my daughter what was the best thing about the house, and I am sure she would tell you the kitchen.  It was big, and had more then enough room to entertain all the cooking that she loves to do.  And let me tell you, she can cook.      Now the Guys.  I think,  they loved the fishing more then anything.  No matter what time of day it was.. Cody and Garrett had a reel in hand. It was perfect father - son time, and Garrett soaked up every second of it.   The yard was big, and right outside our sliding glass door was a view every;  man, boy, father and son lived for... It was heaven...
Cody and Garrett

An endless fishing get away.  No matter what the reason, they found time to stand, sit, and walk around the body of water, casting reels and waiting for the bite that had their hands pulling in the BIG one.  It was the forget it all spot.  On, next to, or near this area, and they both forgotten that hard long day at work.. or the math test coming the next day.  Yep, their slice of heaven. 

It was where we all made our home.  Where family came and visited.  Friends stopped by to hang out on the rockers, and children played on a slip n slide in the back yard.  Home. 

Now, I have always said, that home is what you make of it.  Doesn't matter what it looks like, what matters it what you make of it.  I have been in my apartment for a few months now.. about 5 or 6, if that.  When I first moved into my apartment, I remembered the movie Under The Tuscan Sun, Diane Lane plays a newly divorced woman trying to put her life back together.  On a gay trip to Tuscany, she sees a house, falls in love, and buys it.  This place needed lots of TLC, but what stuck out in my mind is what she said,  "Pick one room.  Make it Yours.  Go slowly through the house.  Be polite. Introduce yourself, so it can introduce its self to you."  And that is just what I did with my apartment.  As I brought boxes into my new Home, I carefully set them in their rooms.  The living room was the first place I introduced myself to, and in return, it accepted me with open arms.  It is the place I love best.      
My Apartment.  My living room

Here, I watch the sun rise in the morning, bringing the new day into my window.  Welcoming me with its rays, and  covering me with its warmth.  At the end of a long day, I relax while watching the sun set.. reassuring me, that a new day will start again soon. 

I wasn't always so comfortable with my apartment.   It was to quite.  To alone.  And yes even today,  I sometimes feel like that.  I have come to love walking in my place.  Taking in the silence, and letting my room welcome me home.

The walls were the hardest thing to over come, and there are even days to this date, where I fight myself not to bring home a can of paint.  So, I began adding my touches here and there.  Doing what little I could to make it mine.. Although I hate (and I know that is a strong word) my dining room table. I didn't let that get in the way of adding myself to the walls.. Ugh, those chairs!!  Soon, I will find the table and chair set that speaks, to this very room.  And as you can see, I added color to the table instead.

I love how vintage this looks..

There are three of these next to my door.  So vintage looking, I  remember when I was a little girl, the doors in my house had knobs just like this.  What a perfect way to add myself.. the things I love, and what makes my place a home.  Each one is a different color, each one unique.. yet together they say Joslinda.  When I look at them I am reminded of what my grandmother use to tell me.. She would say "Josie, you have an old soul."  and just maybe I do. 

Eli, cruising at Nana's...

 The best thing I love about my place.. is the company.  When my children call and say they are coming over.  When my grand children want to "hang out at Nana's" place.  Christmas Dinner.  Movie Date Nights.  And relaxing with my family.  When all the toys are out, and I catch each child doing their own thing.  The smiles given for no reason.  The sudden hug on the leg form a little one.  The memories made.  The laughter fulling the air.  The ringing of my wireless door bell.

Garrett, Christmas 20

When you catch a glimpse of that smile.  The smile of comfort and peace.  And you know, everything is as it should be.  All is right in the world.  You have done your job well. 

Arianna..  Who's that girl.

When you capture the a moment of their inner beauty...  That split second they you see into their souls.  When they know your house, is theirs as well.   And no matter what, they will always find the comfort to be themselves.

Where silly faces are made, and making Nana laugh becomes the nights goal.  Where they kick off their shoes, hang their coat, take in a deep breath, and let loose for a while.  It is times like these, when the memories linger for days.  When you walk through your house, and know you have picked the perfect sopt to settle in.  .

These are all of the things that have let me know,  I've made my apartment, a Home....

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