Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring.. Don't you just love it...

I love spring..   The colorful  flowers..     Shorts and tank-tops...   Bright nail polish..    New Flip Flops...   and the girls gather together.      Yep, there is nothing like Spring. 

The part I love the most,  is the flowers..  Walking into a room with fresh cut flowers, sitting on the table, just brightens the room..    Makes it happy.     Today I picked up wild flowers.  The site of them on my living room table,   just warms my heart...

Fresh Flowers

Just look at those colors...

Tabitha, and Ashley spent time with me.. 

*  Ashley  *

*  Tabitha  *

We made Turkey Burgers..   drank lots of water..   shopped some...   and cut my hair..   Ashley added a new color to her nails (she colored her hair yesterday),   and Tabitha picked up some new jewelry...   Lets not forget ~ Toe Rings!!    Oh, yeah.. I love Spring.   

Caught in motion.. cute little toes..

Eli was trying out his new walking steps {it was so cute seeing him in shorts, little fat rolls}, and he enjoyed walking around the apartment.  There is nothing like pulling all the pens out of Nana's desk.  I will add another picture of him, showing his cute little face.

Arianna ~ Eyes on Eli..

Arianna made sure to keep an eye on her cousin...

I am not sure if she thought he was going to get her Turkey Burger, or what.  As it turned out, when we cut the burger in half, she shared it with Eli..  Well, she tried to, the burger slipped out of her hand and fell on the floor.  But, it is the thought that counts.

*  Eli. *

I was trying to capture a picture of him walking, but it seemed like every time I got Eli in the cameras sites, he would sit down.  That's OK though, there will be tons more pictures...

Bring out the Camera,  and the room comes alive..   with silly faces...    Ashley is a Hoot!!
Out comes Ashley's lips....

*  Arianna  *

Arianna didn't take her eyes off of Eli.. I think she was shocked or maybe amazed that he was walking around some.  Like I said before, I love the way children look at each other. 

The two older grand babies were in school, But don't worry... there will be tons more pictures this Spring..

The sound of that is music to my ears..   


I can't get enough of the colors.  So vibrant... 

I am going to keep my vase full of fresh flowers all Spring long..

Oh, did I mention I we cut my hair...   and colored it too.    I love it !!

*  Joslinda  *
 Just don't pay attention to the "No Make Up" thing.   Besides,   I had to wash  my hair.

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