Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Wolverine Suprise....

The route Wolverine travels.  I.H. 35, right in front of my balcony. The rainbow is just the icing..

You know the days, your off of work and there is nothing to do.  That was my day.  Why did I even need to worry about getting dressed.  No one comes over but the girls.. I pulled my hair in one of those clips on the back of my head.  Put my flip flops on, and headed right for the kitchen.  First order of the day was coffee.  I am going to catch the morning news.. So i pulled open the hutch door, figured I better empty the bladder first and after that, I found myself at my desk until the coffee was finished.  Oh, the smell of fresh brewing coffee.  Sure does get the blood pumping, dont you think?

 I was checking out the latest blog updates {mycamokids is a fabulous blog}, and reading the latest Facebook postings {some wonderful Blue Star Mothers imformation}, even watching at a few "Soldiers Surprise Visits" on youtube {thinking about my son and shedding a tear or two} when my phone rang.      I thought it would be Tabitha or Ashley {my daughters}, or even my son James {who has the knack of knowing when his mother is having a military mom melt down} but to my surprise it was Wolverine.   There is just something about when he calls and my phone flashes his name.  Anyway, as I reached for my cell phone and scooted away from my desk, the butterflies were already stirring in anticipation of his voice.     

"Hello" I said, trying to sound calm and collective... "Well, Hello." he replied "I though I would catch you sleeping."  OK, so there was only one time where he called me and woke me up.  But that was only because I stayed up until 3:30am reading the archive blogs of The Pioneer Woman, and I didn't have to be at work until 2pm, so i slept in... until he called me at 8:30am that is.  "Oh no" I chuckled  "I was up bright and early this morning"  and it was the truth, I was out of bed by 7:30am {I even think it was before that}.   "You know, scheduled world peace, ran a few blocks, and even made time for a few cups of fresh coffee" I added.  There is nothing like his laugh.  "Well good.  A busy morning for you."  "Here we are, once again" I chimed in "you could have brought hot coffee and crescents rolls."  I often joked with him, if he was going to call early, he could at least provide breakfast.  

We joked about making sure we didn't stay in the "normal" classification of daily life.  "where are you working today" I asked  "every where" he said.  Some times he would ramble off places he had been already and places he still needed to travel to, and I would listen intently to each town or city {if that is what there were} like I knew where each place he named was.  As he neared his destination he said "Alrighty then, I will let you go, I have to pick up some forms at the office."  When ever he traveled to and from the office, he would travel on the highway right outside my balcony, knowing that made me all warm inside.  "OK, we'll have to do this again. And next time, bring breakfast."  With a chuckle on his end and a giggle on mine, we hung up.  Just like each time before, and as I press the end key on my cell phone, I sighed "oh, that voice."   

I came back to my room and settled in front of my computer.  I wanted to just surf.  Be care free.  It was my day off after all.  I was looking forward to just relaxing.  Fresh coffee in hand, and the world at my finger tips.  What could be better... and it surely wasn't going to get worse, or was it.  

As I am searching through Facebook Friends, oh.. I found Kevin {a fellow pharmacy employee}, and Lauren {a fellow Blue Star mom and Navy Sailor}, and jackpot, I also found a few members of the 173rd Airborne Brigade.   It seemed that luck was on my side, when I heard a knock at the front door.  Bet it is Ashley and Arianna.  I knew she wanted to catch up on her laundry, so I bet she brought me the baby to watch.  With out even looking out the dining room window {that is next to the front door} I turned the lock and dead bolt on the door and opened it up.  And i mean all the way... W I D E.  Getting the picture?

I am sure, I was a site to see.  my lei Pajama pants, a old holy red t-shirt, pink OP flip flops, and my hair pulled on top of my head {held just by a clip}.  And who is on the other side of my front Door... 


Yep.. Sure was.


Did i mention I was flopping around under my shirt.  Oh, left that part out did I..  Yeah.

In his hand was a six pack of Corona,  Great.. what I needed now was an island, the one that is in the middle of no where, and a plane to drop me off.  In fact, just push me out of the back as you fly over head.  

"Oh. Um.  Oh.  Hi.  Um. Here".  As I grab his arm.  "This way.  Alright? Come in, yeah.  Here, just sit there", I pulled out the dining room chair, "and dont move, I'll be right back" as I turned to dash into my room.  I could have swore I heard him chuckle.   I didn't have the time, or a big enough rock to crawl under, to make myself look half was presentable.  Just please please, I thought to my self.. No hot flashes.. not now.. not like this.  So, I settled for putting my bra on and making the best of being caught in my PJ's.  

And to ensure I wouldn't get any hot flashes, as I walked by the AC thermostat, I turned it down to 72.

Wolverine was still waiting for me at the dining room table.  He hadn't moved an inch.  Hadn't even taken out a single bottle of Corona.  At least I wasn't flapping any more.  "Hi" was all i could muster.  Could it had been any worse if I had  been caught with my hair in rollers and my pants down... OK, maybe that would have been worse.  "It's not wine, but I though we could share a six pack.  Three for me and three for you" he said  "OK, that sounds good to me.  I could use one, now."  Again, I hear a deep muffled chuckle.  He was enjoying this.  The early morning riser.. up and working before the sun could even stretch.  And I remember our earlier phone conversation, he had mentioned a bottle of wine, and not coffee because he doesn't drink coffee.   I just don't recall us doing that today, or him coming over today.  Yep, he was enjoying this alright.  "I'm not even sure I have a bottle opener, let me check"  Well I'll be, the Gods must have seen what a idiot I made of myself, and started looking out for me, because just as I opened the kitchen drawer, there was a bottle opener.  I handed it to Wolverine, and joined him at the table.  

Do you know what happens to a person who drinks... one that hasn't had a drink in almost 3 years... take a guess.  I'll just tell you.  She runs at the mouth.  Yep.. Non stop chatter... and while I was just rambling about everything and anything, I caught glimpses of a deep rooted smile on Wolverines face.  All while I sat there in messy hair, red holy shirt and lei bottoms.  I rolled through each topic, and he smiles.. there is a deep gurgle {attempting to catch burst of laughter I am sure}, and he quickly takes a draw off his bottle.  

Some one kill me now.  The thing is.. I just couldn't shut up.  I think I am going to just stay in doors the remaining days of my life.  Could this down ward slope just start to even out and switch directions... Nope, not just yet.

In all my chatter, I tell Wolverine about my Blackish Figure scare, I seen out of the corner of my eye.. turns out it is a mouse.  I also tell him that for three days after that , I had to sleep with the bathroom light on... Lord help me.  I tell him about shopping at Pier One Import with Tabitha,  and the reason I got the big yellow bird house {it is a house but in the shape of a bird} was not only cause it was pretty, but so he could see some color when he searched for me on the balcony..  Some one S T O P me please.  Why stop it there.. {quick, take the batteries out of my mouth} I jump right into buying the three mouse traps and why it had to be live ones, so I wouldn't hear the trap go off or the mouse squeak if it was caught in the glue ones... Again that deep rooted gurgle.  And how buying the traps started to make me sick, right there in Walmart.  As if that wasn't enough and the batteries in my mouth had just enough juice to do me in.. When Wolverine asked "So, how many mice did you catch, 2.. 3 ?" I answered so carefree "I dont know.  I cant check them.  I don't know when I turned into a 46 year old chicken that breaks into a sweat over mouse traps, but I just cant bring myself to get to close to them."  That time, there was a full giggle.  

Oh, some where in all my chit chatter, I tell him that I have nick named him Wolverine.  Do I get the Oscar now, for the Best Leading Crazy Lady.  I don't even know when, how or in what topic of chatter I spill the beans about that, but there it is.  The white elephant in the room.. and all this with out being the slightest bit drink.  This is just from 1 1/2 bottles of Corona.  The cat {or elephant} was out of the bag.. so when he asked "When did you nick name me Wolverine?"  I said {without a single care in the world} "Oh, from the first time I ever met you."  Looking right into his soft eyes, and then I added "You know, from when you would come into the Shell Station."  "I haven't stopped in there since you left." he said,  {a quick don't blush prayer goes up} then he ask "about this nick name, isn't a Wolverine a badger of some kind."  "Beats me" I said, "I just know it fits you.  and even when I want to call you David, it comes out Wolverine."  There went a full force giggle... and this time I was laughing to.. "Well, who do you call me Wolverine to." He said... "Everyone" I replied.  "Besides" I added, 'Wolverine is from X men.  He is the cute one with the long sideburns. He saves the young girl."  The whole time, he never takes his eyes off me.. I could feel a whole burning through the side of my head.  I turn to look at him, and he smiles the warmest smile ever.   

It seems, the only time I did keep my mouth shut, is when we sat down in the living room to watch the movie Unstoppable.  By this time.. I had said it all.  Everything.  The movie was wonderful, and the sofa snuggling was perfectly awesome.  

By the time we moved from the chatty dining room, to the comfy living room, I had forgotten all about being in my holy t-shirt, lei bottoms, pink flip flops, with a clip in my twisted hair.  I found that I fix perfectly in that nitch against him, as we watched the movie. 

He didn't care what I had on.  Even when I stated that normally this would have been a nightmare for me, not being dressed and my bed wasn't even made.. He said with the greatest of ease "I don't care about that.  I am so glad that I got to spend a few hours with you."  and with that, he kissed me goodbye.

~ Josie ~

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