Sunday, September 30, 2012


I know that on Monday, the week will be a busy one when... ..

1. I spent Tuesday all wrapped up in what the New Season of NCIS will bring.  Thank goodness Dearing is gone and the Gibbs Team is alright
2. I spent Wednesday watching Paranormal, Ghosthunters, Paranormal, and then the New Ghosthunters 

3.  On Thursday my sister and I got ready for her daughter, son in law, and grandchildren arrival.

4.  Watched Cabin in the Woods on Friday.  I have to say that my Cabin wishful thinking days are over.

5. Watched The Whaley Haunting on Saturday.  Gave me new direction on wanting to go House Haunting Hunting in Ybor City this Halloween.

6.  Spend the past 5 days laying on the sofa, 'cause that is the only time my stomach wasn't upset. 

But this Sunday morning.. I seen a new light.  Sunlight.  So I grabbed my camera and headed out to my front yard. 

On my way there, I noticed how much the vine on the fence had grown.  It is really covering up an eyesore next door.  Grow baby GROW!

The eyesore.  One day, we wont be able to see it at all.  Well, I can hope; can't I?  While I was enjoying the fence covering, I noticed life at work.

Such a hard working Bee.  I had to wait until it landed on a full flower, to get a better picture.  Saying the whole time "please don't sting me."

Such the little hard worker.  Did you notice the blue sky in the pictures above.  It was such a pretty hot morning.

The front Garden Flower Bed is looking so good.  The colors are bright and crisp.  It reminds me of Spring in September.  Than again, it's Florida and this could very well be an extended Spring.

Just look at these.  How pretty are they? 

Yellow is the most cheerful color that I can thingk of.  What color of flowers do you find to be cheerful?

Isn't this the greatest combination of colors ever?  I am in love with these flowers.

Look at the deep green next to that yellow bloom.  I have died and gone to heaven.

Short but sweet and powerful.  My sister sure knows the correct combo of flowers to make a huge impact.  Tonight, My Sweetie brought me a Trumpet Vine Bloom.  It had fallen off the vine and was laying next to our Oak tree.  I have been waiting for months to see that vine bloom.

I hope when I wake in the morning, there are lots of pretty blooms on my Trumpet Vine.  For the first time, in like forever, I can not wait for Monday to arrive.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Proof of a Cover Hog....

You  know the mornings you have with your better half where he or she can not believe they did or said something in their sleep? 

Well I have one that is often discussed.  Almost daily.

Me:  I froze last night because you hog all the covers
My Sweetie: No I don't.  I always have to pull the covers from you.

We sleep with the AC on 64 in our room.  Plus a pedestal fan facing the bed.  And a box fan too.  In fact, the AC never mover from 64, day or night.  I can hang meat in our room.  Well not to freeze.  Wouldn't want to either, the thought is pretty yucky.

This time, I made sure I could bring my point home.

I brought proof to the table.  And plenty of it.  This is My Sweeties side of the bed.  See all of the extra quilt pooling on the floor.  Hence, not on my side of the bed...

Now you can clearly see My Sweeties head, well his hair anyway.  Ha, he had no idea I took this photo.  Sometimes having a heavy sleeper next to you, is a good thing.  Anyway, you can easily see the corner of the quilt on my side of the bed.  Yep, that small piece next to the pillow, that was my cover for the night.

Me:  Love, last night I froze again.  Maybe we need to find something bigger than a King size Quilt.  You are hogging all the covers.
My Sweetie:  No I'm Not.
Me: Here Love, let me show you.  {having the camera within reach+ Cover hog = Score}
My Sweetie: Awe Baby, I'm sorry.

God, I Love that man!

Monday, September 24, 2012

I see you...

As we add finishing touches, I capture the moment with photos.  You know my camera is never far behind me.  During this home improvement project we painted the entrance way wall and hung up my son military pictures, a letter of recognition I received from my sons military branch, The Flag of Honor, The Flag of Heroes, and other Military items.

Before ~ Marry Ann paints just above the trim area.
All done.  Crisp white wall
The drying part took the longest, but the fun part was putting the wall together and all the American Flag items on the shelves.

 This is the first phase of the wall.  Yes, there is another one. 

 This is the second and finial phase.  I like the wall this way.  What do you think?

While I was going through the photos I had taken of the wall; I noticed something reddish in my sons military photo.  What s that?  I question myself.

Do you see it?  That reddish tint area on the bottom of his portrait photo. 

See it now?  I wasn't wearing red or any color close to it when I took this photo.  I am guilty of the flash in the second photo, but not the red.  And what the heck is that in the photo?  That boat wheel in the bottom corner.  That isn't in the boarder!  See that ghostly boat wheel image?

See?  Where did that come from?  Did you notice anything else?  How about in the picture with the flash, did you see the face in that photo?

>----------Hm---------------------------------------------------------------------------->---------------It's------------------------------------------------------------------Right--->--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There----------->------------------------------------------------------- --------See it?-------->

Seems things at go bump in the night, hang around during the day.  Fine with me, I like company.
Besides, appears to me who ever it is, like my son.. and boating.

Awe Monday

This weekend was filled with Home Projects, as most of my weekends are.  But the great joy of the whole 'working your fingers to the bone' motto wasn't so bad as my phone beeped with chimes and test messages; and I enjoyed the view.

My Cool little dude, Eli...
While big brother Garrett is in school, Eli has the run of my daughter Tabitha.  And running she does do.  Here Eli is in his 'Father' mode.  The same type of sunglasses as his father.  The same type of watch as his father.  Funny how little boys mirror their fathers.  Garrett was the same way when he was younger.

Super Cool 6th grader, Garrett
Isn't the electric blue super cool?  Funny hair was the theme at school, and Garrett went all out.  With the help of his mother {my eldest daughter Tabitha}, and a few coats of blue hair spray coloring, the project came together.  Not only was there a challenge to cover his red hair with blue, but to also extend the school spirit to his eyebrows.  Garrett said his eyes felt heavy.  I bet they did.  Ha ha

My all by myself Baby, Jaycee
Is there nothing better than when your child, no matter how young or old, demands self independence?  Jaycee no only loved the food she was tasting, but refused to give up the spoon.  Ha ha.  She is like her father in that way.  When he father {my son James} started to enjoy the taste of real food; there was no safe plate in the house.  He could eat you out of house and home.  I am sure I've heard my daughter in law say this very same thing.  He is, the bottomless pit. 

New Clothes for the School Divas Jayla and Arianna
Not to long ago I received a phone call from Jayla and it went something like this 

Jayla: Nana, Why hasn't you and Paul send me nothing?
Nana: We haven't?  Well, Nana will fix that.  Alright?
Jayla: OK.  I need clothe for school.  Here's Arianna.
Arianna: Lo?
Nana: Hi baby.  How are you?
Arianna: Has nothing!
Nana: Why don't you have anything?
Arianna: Cause I say so!

Well, that was all we needed to here.  Well that, and a 6th birthday party.  My mother, my sister, and I went shopping.  Hello T J Maxx!!! Love that place.  Each of the girls now have 6 new outfits. 

What made you smile today?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Before and After...

  Painting a mental picture for someone can sometimes be a challenging thing.  It is hard to explain the Before when all that is visible is; the After.  So much work has going into our place.  Hours of physical labor, plenty of injuries, sweat and tears. 

  OH, as we were working our tails off; I was crying plenty of tears.  The 'Lets move to the city' tears.  Along with the 'I hate it here' tears.  Lets not forget the 'Enough!!' tears.  All shed by me of course.  My sweety would simply say 'but I don't want too' as he did.

  If it wasn't for the push of my mother, the longing to start a beginning with my sweety, and the help of my sister once she arrived; I might still be screaming 'I want to live in the city!!'

  I am so happy the grass is really filling out, and the front garden curb appeal makes the property look really good.

  The back yard is coming right along.  My sweety throws plenty of fertilizer out there, and the endless rain hasn't hurt one little bit.

  A Back porch to be very proud of, don't you think?  Come on over and sit a while.  Bring your coffee or tea, and enjoy the morning with me...

and the frogs...

and the dogs.

It's a Family Affair.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weather calls for....

On Tuesday our chance of rain was 70%.  So I cooked a wonderfully warm breakfast for my sweety

It involved a slightly toasted bagel, two eggs, lots of cheese, cooked pastrami, and lots of lots of LOVE.

He loved ever bite.  Once my sweety was finished with his breakfast.  We sat out on the porch and enjoyed a hot cup of coffee.  OK so I had more than one cup.  You know me all to well. 

As you know, my camera is always with me.  Good thing, cause before we knew it; the clouds rolled in and the sky opened up....

The First Wave...

The Second Wave...

Before we knew it, the wind swirled and the rain came down in all directions; picture taking was over and we watched the down pour under cover. 

Something very relaxing about watching the rain.  After a while, we were ready for a nap.