Thursday, March 24, 2011

My colorful soul....

I have to share my latest addition with everyone..

I know  It's not furniture.

Or anything for the Bathroom or Kitchen. 

Not even for my bedroom. 

This is for my soul....  I hope you enjoy them.

I couldn't past up their beauty.   The way they made me feel inside...

The happy feeling that came over me when I look at their color... 

The way the greenery hold each flower.. so carefully...

The way they shine.  How each and every flower seems to speak to me..

The pure joy they have given me..  Just looking at them, and I feel alive..

I think every house should have a vase or two of fresh flowers.  Something to touch your very soul.  When my grandson Garrett walked into my apartment today, he said "Wow, Nana, what did you do to your apartment?  It looks different.  Did you move your furniture around or something?"  

It is the flowers.  They brighten the room, and that is what I told him.  Having fresh flowers does something to your home.  Does something to you.  I think, if you would look into my soul.. this is what you would see.

Colorful flowers....

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  1. Nothing is more important than the way our 'soul feels'. :)