Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Cup Runith Over...

One of the greatest things about my title Nana, and I'm not talking about when they go home, is sitting back and watching each one of my grand children.  The things that they do and the things that they say, just keep me in stitches.  I don't remember just sitting back and enjoying watching my children.  So often, being a parent, you are rushed to accomplish so much in one single day, that you miss all the small stuff.  It is the small stuff I look forward to with my grand children.

Garrett is funny, loving, smart, and just look at that smile..

Jayla is a work of Diva Art.  She loves the camera..

Eli is the explorer.  You know he is planing something big.
Arianna is quite, but just look at those eyes.  She is taking it all in.

There is nothing in this world, like spending time with these four children, it is never a dull moment, that I will tell you. By the time our visits are through, I feel like I have been through the spin cycle of a old washing machine.


Tonight I had the pleasure of dinner with the girls... On the menu was, La Chicken Tenders, Mac & Cheese, and a Fine Bottle of Apple Juice.  Jayla and Arianna picked it out {and it was a good thing to, fast and easy, right up my alley}and helped me cook.  Of course, Jayla thinks because she is the oldest of the two, that she must go first.  To out smart them both, I gave them each a job to do.  After I cooked the pasta, Arianna added the cheese and Jayla added the milk... then the job to mix it up, where I gave them both a turn {and had to explain to Jayla "Arianna goes next because, you just poured the milk"} before there was blood shed in my kitchen. Dinner was cooked, thank goodness, and the girls sat down for their meal...

Arianna loves cheese.. I should have bought stock in Kraft!

I think it was the only time, both of the girls, ate with out saying a word.  I think they were just hungry, {must have been} because the one thing it isn't, with either of them, is quite. 

Jayla was very excited that she was beating her sister...

"Nite Nite Nnna" So not what happened...

When dinner was over, and playing in Nanas bed came to an end... Arianna settled on the sofa and fell fast asleep, and Jayla {oh Jayla} came into her second wind.  There was nothing stopping that little girl when mom picked them both up.  I just smiled that loving smile toward Ashley {my youngest daughter}, helped her pack up the girls belongings{quickly and efficiently},  walked out with the three of them onto the breezy way {happily}, and bid them all good night.  

~ A day with Nana ~

The one thing you can never be sure of is, the thoughts of younger child.  Not yet into the talking age, and not yet walking well enough to run away from you.  Sadly, these poor children are stuck going where ever their parents go.  If they like it or not.  I started to wonder the thoughts of my youngest grand baby, Eli, on Tuesday afternoon.  

No matter when or where  Eli and I see each other, I can count on the grin the second he lays eyes on me....

Yay!! Breakfast at Nana's place...

There is always new things to get into at my place, no gates and lots of finger grabbing items.  But he is always happy to see me.  That is, at the start of our day.  On my days off, Tabitha {my eldest daughter}and I get an early start.  Right after Tabitha drops Garrett off at school, she comes over to my apartment and we start our day together.  It might be a trip to the Walmart in Wax {there is a Walmart in our town, but the love the one in Wax}, or a trip to the book store in Waco {because we just love love love books, and there might be 7/8 schools in Hillsboro, but not one book store.  NOT a single one!!}.  But on Tuesday, out list kept us in town.

Our first stop was to Reebok {at our Hillsboro Mall}, Tabitha needed to purchase a new pair of sneakers, and I agreed to tag along and keep Eli busy so she could shop. The sale Reebok was having was just to good to pass up, Buy one and get the second half off.  So, Tabitha tried on a few pair of sneakers,  while I pushed Eli in his stroller around the store.  When Tabitha had settled on a pair for herself, she also found a pair for Garrett...  love going shopping and not only picking up what I need {want would be a better word}, but bringing something back for the grand babies also. Once we were through shopping for sneakers, we walked over to Burks and looked at their Home Furnishings items.  I am in the posses of decorating my apartment, but that is another blog in its self.  When we are finished shopping there, and when Eli had voiced his opinion about not having lunch/sick of shopping, we loaded up the car with my purchases and headed to Ihop for a sit down lunch {and before we headed to Walmart}, poor baby Eli.   

The "Please no more Nana" look

Once we sat at our table and placed our order, Eli waited like a champ for the food to arrive.  He is such a good sport...
Could that be a "I'm watching you closely" look?

Nothing is better then a nice cold cup of apple juice, and being out of the stroller, and being out of the car, and not shopping.

Shopping was done now. Breakfast ~ check, Sneakers ~ check, Home furnishings ~ check, Lunch ~ Check, Walmart ~ check, now to pick Garrett up from school and call it an eventful day.

And back in the car we go....

Eli was a great trooper through all of Nana's and mommy's shopping.  Though I am pretty sure when he is old enough, he is going to follow in his brothers foot steps, and stick close to the men at home where there is shopping to do.

~ Nana Dates ~

The best part in the whole world, is when your grand children are old enough to understand the value of good behavior while with Nana.  Then all the fun really kick in. I look forward to the days when i can spend the day, afternoon and nights with my eldest grand child, Garrett.  Our time together is on a whole different level then with the other 3 grand children.  Garrett has named these times with me as "Nana Dates".  There are trips to the movies, dinner or lunch out, staying up till the early morning hours playing Wii or watching DVDs, and of course trips to Braums {our ice cream spot}. 

"Deer in the head lights look Nana"

There is never a dull moment or second with Garrett.  He knows the value of spending time with family, and loves to make people laugh.  He could sit down and tell you about different Air Force planes {he intends on being a pilot and flying one day}, when you ask him how he knew so much about them, he'll tell you he read up on them in books.  From as far back as I can remember, Garrett could look at a car and tell you the type and make of it from looking at the tail lights... and I am not talking about his recent years either.  I am talking about, from  the time when he learned to  form sentences.  

The passion of golfing

Garrett picked up on Golfing, when his dad {Cody} and his uncle James {My son} showed him how much fun and relaxing it could be.  Garrett worked, every day, on his swing.  Determined to get it perfect.
The life of a fisherman

One, and the biggest, passion in Garrett's life is fishing.  From the time he was old enough to hold a rod, Garrett was casting for fish.  No one could feel more at home on the water, with a pole in his hand, then Garrett.  No matter how cold or hot, Garrett would rather be fishing.

Garrett and his soccer coach

Every year, Garrett is the Goalie for his soccer team.  Every year after school, after homework, and before playing with friends; Garrett is on the soccer field practicing with his team.  Every weekend, and even some nights, he is watching that ball and keeping the other team from gaining any points.

Now, I know there is no such thing as perfect, but no matter what Garrett could do wrong, what he does right out weights it every time {at least in my eyes it does}.  He goes out of his way to make sure you know he appreciates you.. that you count and matter to him.  There was this one time in Florida, when Garrett saw a Soldier in uniform at the Target we were shopping.... Garrett walked up to this Soldier and said "Excuse me Sir, Can I shake your hand?"  The soldier looked back at Garrett and Said "Sure you can son" and held his hand out to Garrett... "Thank you for what you are doing" Garrett said while shaking the soldiers hand, "Thank you".  The wife of the soldier was in tears, I was tearing up and wiping my eyes dry, and my daughter Tabitha {Garrett's mother} smiles proudly at her son.   

Taken at a parade Fla ~ and with sailors to boot, because his Uncle James is a Navy sailor.

Awww yes.  The many joys of being a Nana.  There is nothing like it on the face of this earth.  My cup runith over...

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