Sunday, March 13, 2011


Sundays are my favorite day of the week.  The perfect day to relax.  Day dream.  Reflect. Look back, to the days of the past.    It is that, of which I bring you today.  Days of Yesteryear.  I read some more of my book "Love Letters of Great Men."  It is  book that was mentioned  in Sex and The City 2; The Move, and I was moved to find, that men of those days.. sat with pen and paper in hand, writing to the women that captured their hearts.  OK, so I am a hopeless romantic.  Yes.  I am.

This was one of three love letters Beethoven had written:

Your love has made me the happiest
and unhappiest at the same time.  At
my actual age I should need some continuity,
Ludwig van Beethoven
sameness of life ~ 
can that exist under our circumstanced?
Angle, I just hear that the post goes out every day
and must close therefore, so you get the L.
at once.  Be clam ~ love me ~ today ~ yesterday.
What longing in tears for you 
You ~ my Life
My All ~ farewell
oh, go on loving me
never doudt the faith
fullest heart 
of your beloved
Ever thine.
Ever mine.
Ever ours.

Sammy Davis Jr.

I listened to old songs I remembered; 
Candy Man, was the first song I looked up.
I remember, as a little girl, I would watch him on TV.  
 Everyone loved him and his music.  Revisited, The Rat Pack.  Watched video on Youtube of the three greats, Sammy, Frank, and Dean.. singing together. 
Clay Walker
 I listened to the songs of Clay Walker.  I could listen to his voice for hours, and I did.  He sings this song, "There was this Woman,  There was this Man" that touches the very soul of any couple going through, marriage hard times.  I did in fact, listen to that song, over and over, and over again when I went through my divorce.  I learned, through research, that he and his wife divorced, they have two girls together.   He is remarried  and has another daughter and a son.  Still singing, and promoting public awareness of MS.  He is going to be singing in Austin, on March 25th.  I would give anything to be there, front row, listening to him, watching him.  

Yes, Sundays are the best for looking back.  Remembering the sounds, smells, and company of long ago.  
As I was looking at some old family photos, I came across a few that are close to my heart.  I would like to share those on this blog...
Maryann and Joslinda

A picture of my sister, Maryann, and myself.  
I love this photo. 
There are so few photos of us together.
I keep this one close to my heart.

Belia ~ my grandmother

This is another photo I love. 
It is a picture of my grandmother,
My mothers mother.  I love
black and white photos.  I find that
it captures the very spirit of people.

I am pretty sure, that this is the
only photo with all of the Rodriguez
children together. I havent see any
pictures where my grandmother,
better known as Granny, Pop, and
my mother are together either. 
This might very well be
the only one.  In the back row, from the left:
Fred Jr, Marryann, and Mark.  
Seated from left are; Belia, Bill, Eneida, and Gladys.
On the floor;  me ~ Joslinda.

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