Saturday, March 19, 2011

Decorating ~ Speaks of who we are...

"We're not just looking at beauty
or appreciating it from a
distance, we are making it ours."
~ Thomas Kinkade

I picked these up at Cracker Barrel the day I visited Cameron Park Zoo.  As I stated in my past blog "Oh goodness; what big teeth you have", I love Cracker Barrel.  Not only for the food, but for the store they have and the wonderful decorations hanging throughout the restaurant.  I could not wait to get home, and place the new addition on my dining room table.    Wonderful, how all the words are facing up, and just the perfect touch to my apartment.  Don't you think?  

I also added this to my kitchen, on the same day.  There is just something about roosters in the kitchen, and not just any type of Rooster; rather vintage Roosters are best for me.  I picked up this set at Cracker Barrel as well.  I'm not a cook mind you, and surely don't pretend to be; I just knew it would be a wonderful addition to my apartment.  I can now decorate the rest of my kitchen around these 4 pieces. 

I adore this.  The lower half is housing red glass pieces.. and the bodice is left as a wire shell.  This picture doesn't capture the wire curves, and heart design.  It is a lovely addition to my hall way.   The interesting finds Pier One Import has, like shopping in a candy store.  I could walk their floors, all day long; looking for the perfect items to complete my home.  A great find would be a larger bodice, as in the ones used long ago.

A great find in Burks, I added these two, to my ladies room.  I knew I wanted to bring Paris home, I just wasn't sure where I would hang them.  I think in the ladies room was a wonderful choice.  The are placed right over the towel rack.  With a little research, My ladies room will have the perfect touch of Paris and London. When you see my next photo, you will understand why it fits perfectly.

The scroll candle holder is breath taking.  Each time I look at it, I am captured by the beauty in its detail.  This is another Pier One Import find.  Tabitha first seen it, and knew it was me right away.  When she showed it to me, I fell in love.  Before I even knew where I would hang it, I knew it would fit right in with my home decorating.  I think, a person just knows what will fits their personality, and in return their home; after all, it is a reflection of who we are.  I have found the perfect resting place for this piece, it hangs next to my shower.  The candle will never be lit, but I find it completes the ladies room already, and I haven't finished decorating it yet.  

Each item I add, is a part of me.  It says who I am. What I am about.  Where I am going.  Where I've been.  My apartment is far from finished.  I still have the kitchen to finish decorating, and the ladies room.  Oh, I haven't even started in my bedroom, and I want to add a mirror behind my sofa.   Little by little, I bring more of me home.  

I just have to share this with you.  I always wanted one of these, and I added it to my balcony.  The part of my apartment I love the most.  

I hung it out side, but haven't quite figured out what furniture I am going to add to my balcony.  I like the vintage style of the apartment.  Not sure if I am going to bring that style outside.  Who knows, I just might.  But I see my balcony with colorful flowers, an ivy, and wind chimes.  It will get there, and as I finish a room, or add more to it, I will post pictures for you to see.  

Thank you for visiting.. I look forward to hearing from you, so leave a comment.  Tell me what you think, and share your ideas.  I would really love to hear from you. 

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