Friday, March 11, 2011

Got Ya'... Say Cheese..

I was looking through some of my photos.. and  thought I would share them with you... 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do...

I love the way children look at each other,   Here are some "Another little person" shots I've captured:

Arianna  gets a closer look at Eli..

This was at Ihop on Thursday 3/10...  Arianna always gets right in Eli's face.. like she sees something no one else can... and maybe she does.

Again she looks at him in wonder and protecting the ball.

This one was taken at Chirstmas (2010) ..
Not only is Arianna protecting the ball from Eli,
but she looks at him as if, she has never seen him before.  Eli, clearly wants the ball, and maybe Arianna is giving him that "don't touch it look"..

Jayla and Arianna

Sisters, Jayla is closely checking out her little sister.  Arianna is 1 month old in this picture.. And i am sure Arianna is thinking, where did that big person come from..

To quote Jayla,  today, she said "Nana, all I hear is Sissy, Sissy, Sissy... I am really getting tired of it"..

Here are my "Mom, Don't worry, OK,.. everythings all right" Photos...  EVERY parent knows, with an open liner like that; the first thing we do is WORRY:

Seeing his face was a comfort..

The locker vs Sailor fight... The locker got in one good hit.. across the head.  A few stiches latter, and he was right as rain.  I on the other hand, wanted to take a red eye flight to him the second he said "Mom, don't worry.  I'm fine"

Bee Bee wounds.  James and his friend Jessie, letting it loose.  Need i say more...  Yes, as you can see he was fine..  And i am SOOO grateful for that, all the while saying "You could have lost your eye".  Just look at that face.. joking and laughing the whole time.

 My... "I Wont Show Anyone".. shots...  so, please, enjoy them ....

"I have no make up on mom"!!! photo.. 
"What do you think of this hat ladies"

"Oh my word..  Not with the cream on my face"...

Will the, Real Blue Guys, please stand...

Understuffed is an Understatement...

 Butter dipper... dipping...

Freddie vs Kramer...

Wasn't it a "Come are you are"  work party....

Just one of the cool guys...
Grandparents lunch day...

I love these shots.  The ones you swear Never to show anyone.  The once in a life time shots..

Heading out .. Going ridin'

I love being out doors (sort of, not the bugs part) So here are "Some pictures I  love"...

Sky Way Bridge ~ Florida

Florida Beaches

Hillsboro, Texas

Summerfield Place, Florida

Summerfield Place, Florida

Florida Parks..

The pictures shown were captured by my daughter, Tabitha.  She is awesome with a camera.

My parents.. Fred and Eneida

In closing, I will leave you with the one of the pictures that captures my heart.

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