Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our Big Blue Marble needs YOU...

There is something to be said about Earth Day.  Like Christmas, people from all over come together with one common goal; to make the Big Blue Marble a better place to live.

When I was growing up, I was drawn to the commercial with the Indian actor and the person throwing the bag of food out of the car window.  Remember that one?  A single tear falls from the Indians face as the bag of food lands at his feet; Iron Eyes Cody.  What strong message if you really LISTEN  and  SEE it.  I posted the link below so you can watch it.

Today a wonderful way to get our younger generation involved in caring for our Earth, get them interested in Earth Day.  Start off your Earth Day outside of your front yard.  Start in your own neighborhood.  Grab a trash bag, and walk through your neighborhood picking up any liter that has blown in, dropped on the ground, or was forgotten at the curb side.  How about visiting your child's favorite park or playground, lead by example and get your child involved in cleaning up the area you both enjoy.  This morning, I am going to do exactly the same thing.  All my children are grown, but I am going to make an impact in my neighborhood and pick up the trash along the road side.

Arches National Park
Funny thing about LEADING is, before you know it; others follow suite.  Here is a perfect example.  When I returned from visiting my son and daughter in law {and my new grand baby}, I began working on my yard.  Once I started, so did my neighbors.  Next door to me, Lois and her daughter/grand daughter, started raking leaves and picking up limbs in her yard.   Just three days ago, she planted colorful flowers in her wine barrels.  It is so pretty and made such a big difference in her front yard.  My neighbor Pat, on the other side of me, also started cleaning up one of the fenced areas in her back yard.  Granted there is still a whole lot of work to be done there, but the work her family did do made a big impact on that fenced area.  I still have a lot of leaves to pick up and burn myself, but seeing the end result in Lois yard has me itching to get back at it.  A possible broken wrist is the only thing holding me back. 

The point is, there is all kinds of Earth Day events going on today, here is a link where you can find an Event near you.  Get your children or grand children hyped up about Earth Day.

The Amazon Rainforest

There are also business taking part in Earth Day as well, here are just a few of them.. check your local listings for Earth Day Events and Savings.
Buy a Tee, and they will Plant a tree, and if I understand it correctly.. even give you 20% off your total purchase.  The cool part is, the tree will be planted in YOUR name.  What a great gift to give your child or grandchild, and the Earth.
FREE coffee with them, just bring in your own reusable coffee mug!
Target is giving away one FREE reusable bag per customer today.  Save a tree, pick up your reusable bag!
In need of a new washer or dryer, dishwasher or refrigerator? Lowes is offering 10% off any Energy Star Qualified Appliance $299 or more.  Better hurry, offer ends 4/23/2012
Get a FREE Organic Toy Bunny with a purchase of $20 or more by shopping with Babo Botanicals.
Receive 20% off all Earth Friendly Toys at Barns & Noble.  No need for a Coupon Code Today!!,default,pg.html
Make it - Take it ~ completed project at Michaels, and your child takes home a FREE tote bag. Hurry, offer is only from 1pm till 3pm.  Check the Events Schedule at your Local Michaels.
FREE ADMISSION at ALL 357 U.S. National Parks!! WOW!! This offer will last through April 29th.  What a SUPER way to spend Earth Day with your child or grandchild.
Inspire the little gardener in your household today by taking him/her to Pottery Barn Kids.  There kids  will receive a packet of Sunflower Seeds for FREE!!!

There is even something for the person who just CAN NOT leave their house.  How about planting a tree for just $1 dollar.  Check out the link below...

Be sure to take lots of Earth Day photos.  Share them.  Post them on your Social Network Site.  Blog about your Earth Day. Display your photos proudly, and more importantly; Do your part today and EVERYDAY.  Start a trend in your family.  Get Involved.  Help Keep Our Big Blue Marble, our planet, Beautiful.

Happy Earth day Everyone !!

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Force, The Diva, The Princess, The Comic and The Baby...

When I tell people I have 5 Grand children, they hardly believe me.   Guess I don't look like the Grandma, Granny, MiMa, or Nana type, but let me be the first to tell you... I feel it.  Welcome to the world of aches & pains.

Me.  Nana of 5.  Mother of 3.  Military Mama of 1.  ME.
  At any given time there are more then a few gray hairs peeking through; and two bottles of hair dye to cover it up.  This was taken this past December 2011.  It doesn't change the fact that I have the greatest, cutest, loveable, and inventive grand children.

The Force...

Garrett is my first grandchild.  The first male born into the family.  Therefore the younger ones love being around Garrett.  He is of course, the person they look up to and is so smart.  From this photo, I am sure he is thinking "Mom, I am too OLD for Blue Bonnet pictures"!!  I can hear him say it now, as if he was standing right next to me.  Be ready to get into some deep conversations with Garrett.  By the time he was 2 years old, he could tell you the make, model, and year of a car.. just by looking at the tail lights.  His goal is to Fly Jets for the Air Force, and he has already checked the mechanics of Jets by reading about them from the library and studying them online.  Look out Tom Cruise, We have the next Top Gun in our family.

The Diva...
Jayla is my second grand baby.  The first born girl on both sides of the family, as you can see from the photo, she is DIVA from head to toe.  Anything dress up, heels and makeup is right down & up Jayla's alley.  Put her in the kitchen, and she will cook right along with you.  Take an Energy 5 drink when hanging out with Jayla, and you might even want to bring an extra one or two.  Jayla has a lot of Energy and is going places.  Move over Miss America!!

The Princess
Arianna is my third grand baby.  She is nothing like her sister and yet, like her in so many way.   Arianna is bound to meet her Knight, of course when she gets a lot older.  She is a watcher.  Taking everything in.  Learning by visual experience.  She leads not follows.  Give her dress up items, and you will have a Princess right before your eyes.  Arianna is sure about herself, has a very high confidence level and knows what she wants.  She will speak up fast if she feels she is correct about something.  She reminds me so much of my sister Gladys.  Her actions, her facial expressions, and even her disposition is just like my sister Gladys. 

Arianna and Jayla are sisters.  Best buddies and, like all sisters, get on each others last nerve.  Wherever one is, the other wants to be right along side her. 

The Comic...
Eli is my fourth grand baby.  The last born boy, so far.  In this picture he is eating the "Stinky" Cheese
he so carefully got off of the rack and sat quietly by himself as he indulged.  Unless he is really tired, Eli always has a smile n his face.  He knows what he wants, and watch out if you get in his way.  Even as a baby, you knew Eli was going to be a force to reckon with.  He is very head strong, willfull, and determined to get what he wants, when he wants it.  Even with all that, he will light up a room with his smile.  Make you laugh by just watching him, and loves with all that is in him.

Garrett and Eli are brothers.  Everything Garrett does, you will find Eli next to him copying it all.  Eli wants to be right next to his brother, watching everything, learning it all.  With the age difference, you know Garrett has his hands full.

and The baby
Jaycee is my 5th grand baby.  The last one born, for the moment.  She is young right now, but already  has her mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger.  The time I spent with her  was not long enough and showed me that Jaycee has things figured out.  She knows how she likes to be held, fed, and put to sleep.  Swaying away from the way she wants it, comes at a price.  I can not wait to watch her grow up, develop her personality, and make her mark on the family well known. 

There you have it... My grand babies.  My loves.  My life.

I couldn't be more proud of my blooming family tree.


Brothers.. Garrett and Eli

Sisters... Arianna and Jayla

The best reward for being a being a grandparent.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gardening.. Blooms.. and a Bad Dog..

 It is a wonderful Thursday morning.  The sky is filled with white puffy clouds.  The squirrels are chasing each other around the tree.  The sound of a wood pecker is coming from the top of the electric pole.  In the distance, the baby Hawks are screaming, awaiting their morning feeding  The sun breaks through the clouds and shines through the leaves of the Oak tree, Blue Jays ruffle their feathers.  The neighbors rooster crows, as children flood their front yards heading to the corner bus stop.  Spring is in the air.  The wind blows through the trees, rocking back and forth slowly; as a mother would rock her child to sleep.  Today is going to be a productive yard day. 

 On my front porch I am greeted with life and a splash of color. To the Left and Right of me, Blue Blooms embrace my front steps. 

Left side of my front steps

Right side of my front steps

 The colors Spring Time brings, take my breath away daily.  I could work in the yard listening to the sound of
 the birds and wild life; all day long.. all week long.  Forever.

 Just so long as I have a roof over my head.  And electricity.  And a blow dryer.  Add a big bathroom.  You get the idea.

 The Pineapple Plant is doing wonderfully.  It has gotten so big.  My sweety planted the top of a pineapple we purchased, when I first moved to Florida.  July will be one year.   The watermelon however, we found growing in our yard.  Out of the middle of no where my sweety says;  "Hey baby look.  There is a little watermelon growing right here."

Our Pineapple Plant.
 My Hibiscus was showing off this morning.  I noticed yesterday that there were a lot of buds on her, but I did not think she would put her chest out and strut her stuff this morning.

Miss Hibiscus Morning Bloom
 The plant my sister gave me while she lived in Daytona Beach, is making a come back.  I am looking forward to her leaves bringing me a dark green color and really coming to her full potential.

A gift from my sister Marry Ann

 The plants on my front porch table, are thriving on the morning air and sunshine as it peeks around the clouds.  Plus, the watermelon has put its best foot forward.

Spider Grass, Mum plant, Christmas Cactus, and other plants

 The trees at my fence line are also starting to bloom.  The bright red bloom is a wonderful contrast against the deep green leaves.

Bottle Brush

 I am pretty sure the trees are enjoying the water they have been getting.  It has been so dry here, no rain as of yet in this part of Hillsborough County, that everything looked dull and lifeless.  So, every morning as my sweety leaves for work; I turn on the sprinkler and spread the water love across the front yard.  As I have said in a previous Blog, when we moved into the new place ~ there was more sand than grass.  But, the daily watering as been paying off.  I see grass sprouts within the sandy areas, and now my trees are blooming.  Yay!!!

 As I made my way to the back yard.  I looked over the heaviest sandy area.  New grass sprouts are peeking through, so I moved the sprinkler from the front yard, to the sandy area side .  This was going to take a while.  No matter how much I seem to water this area, the water didn't seem to penetrate deep enough; guess I was wrong.  The sprouts are proof of that.  Still, I let the sprinkler soak this area as I went to my mothers house and peek in on the Baby Hawks.  I can not wait to show you all the baby Hawks!! 

When I returned from my mothers place, I walk onto the  carport to see how the plants there are coming along.  I have lined the carport with Bougainvilleas.  Our intention is to secure fence to the post along the carport, this way the Bougainvilleas can spread and cover the carport area in pink and purple.   

One of my Purple Bougainvilleas
 I have chosen 3 pink bougainvilleas and 3 purple bougainvilleas, We interchanged the colors as we lined the carport.

One of my Pink Bougainvilleas

When I turned around from my Bougainvilleas to see the progress of my potted Tulip Bulbs, my mouth dropped and I lost my breath.  It seems Thorn, thought he would do some gardening of his own.

What is left of one potted Tulip Bulb.
I though my heart would break.  Anyone who has attempted Tulips, know that they can be very temperamental plants when first starting out. 

This now broken Tulip Bulb, had not even broken trough the soil.  You can see the roots at the bottom of the bulb and at the top of the bulb, there were leaves starting to sprout.  UGH.. Bad Dog!  BAD BAD DOG!!!

I think he got the point.  His gardening days are over.  I hope got got the point.  I would be heartbroken if he gardened anymore of my plants. Behind Thorn in the picture above, you can see the Tulips that have broke through the soil.  Bad Dog!!

 This is his pity me move.  First is the sad I Done Wrong Song look and than the It's My Pity Party move.  It worked.  Lecture was over, and I made my point.  I hope.

Hers is a better look at the growing Tulips.  I can not wait to see the bloom and see the color of them.  I am keeping my fingers crossed, that  1. Thorn will have pity one me and leave the rest of them alone and  2. the Tulips will bloom this year.  Who knows, I could get both my wishes.  The Wandering Jew Plant is full of deep purple color and looks like it might bloom its flowers very soon.  These are the easiest plants to care for.  I just love them.  Mine has grown so much, I need to purchase a bigger pot, and replant it.

Wandering Jew
Another wonderful surprise, is my Avocado Trees.  They are coming along so good!!!  I might as well just plan on picking up three larger, Very Large, pots.  The Trees have really grown tall, and new growth can be seen on the top of the tallest one.

Larger Avocado Tree
I couldn't have asked for a better morning.  To top it off, while I am sitting here writing this Blog, it is sprinkling outside.  Looks like we just might get a small amount of rain after all.  A very small amount, but it's still rain.  Share your love for gardening.  What kinds of plants have you in awe every morning?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OCD and Control.. is it possible?

 OCD.  A very hard thing to live with.  Many people do not understand it.  How it makes a person feel.  How hard it is to for them be in public places.  The hard work it takes to control the urges for some one with OCD.  Hmmm, OCD.  Three Strong and Powerful Letters.  OCD.  UGH!!!

 You might know someone with OCD.  Maybe it's apparent to you, in their behavior or possibly in their comments or even in their actions, and maybe it isn't apparent at all.  Regardless of the behavior someone with OCD might portray in front of you, the truth is; OCD is very debilitating.

from Google Images

 When my eldest daughter was younger, she told me all the time "Mom, you seriously have OCD".  I laughed it off, just wanting things neat and orderly.  When cleaning the apartment, the walls and base boards had to be cleaned as well.  There is so such thing as sweeping around things, you move it.. pick it up.. and it was even better if a room could be completely empty before cleaning began.  Vacuuming in front of a chair or sofa? Unheard of.  There is an art to vacuuming a room.  First you vacuum in front of the sofa, both sides of the sofa next, and then the sofa is moved onto the area that as been vacuumed; and proper vacuuming under the sofa can begin.   It just so happened, I had a runner that divided the living room and the dining room, the front door was in between the space, so the runner worked perfectly for an entrance piece and helped guide guest through the space into the living room.  The problem was that the runner had fringes on the ends, and all the fringes had to be perfect;  pointing outward and not overlapping onto each other.  I can CLEARLY see, where I drove my children nuts!!!  I HAVE OCD.  Now, I have not seen to a physician and gone through the testing, mainly because I do not want to take medication for something I think, can be controlled.  Think.  That's the key word.  Think. 

 When I am by myself,  OCD isn't a problem.  I can keep things just the way I want.  Cleaning the kitchen is a breeze because it stays that way, not cooking for just myself isn't a problem and the nice thing, again; the kitchen stays spotless.   I can get my living room set up a certain way, and it stays that way, nothing is out of place and I can count on things staying unchanged.  Of course as I said in the beginning of this chapter, "When I am by myself".  The thing about that, I didn't want to remain by myself forever.  I had already come to terms years ago, that I would be single for the rest of my life.  A very lonely thought.  A very dark place to be.

 It will be a year May 2012, man a year already, that my sweety and I became a couple.  Where did the time go?  My sweety is a very relaxed person.  Unlike me. I can start my day at 6am and keep busy long after he goes to bed.   He is a calm person.  Unlike me.  I think ten frames ahead of everything and anything. He can look things over and has the ability to say "we'll get to it tomorrow".  Unlike me.  I can not stop until a project is finished, otherwise it drives me nuts.  He keeps things positive and doesn't get worked up before he has a reason too.  Unlike me. I get worked up and think the worst first, knowing if things aren't that bad; than I am ahead of the game.  Somehow we make it work.  Somehow it's a perfect balance.  Now, there are times, many of them, that anxiety gets to me and I can't "put off tomorrow what can be done today".  Than there are other times, where it doesn't take an act of congress to get me to walk away from a project and pick it up the next day.  But putting things off comes at a price, it keeps my mind going. Causes a lot of anxiety for me. That word seems to goes hand in hand with OCD; Anxiety. 

From Google Images

 I have been paying closer attention to my OCD, trying to get a handle on it and attempting to control it.  The major factor for me and OCD is, Control.  As long as I can control a project, the house, planning, and what direction something is headed in... I think I can keep my OCD in tack.  The past few days, weeks and month.. OCD is controlling me.  I am on a pinwheel and spinning widely.  More then a month ago, or right at about a month, while moving our items into our new place I pinned my wrist between the recliner and the frame at the back door.  OUCH!!! It hurt so bad, that I dropped my end.  I kept right on working with my sweety, moving most our items into our pace.  I should have stopped right than and had my wrist looked at, but I knew my trip to Virginia was in a few short days and I refused to meet my new grand baby and daughter in law; with a cast on my arm.  What kind of help would I have been then?  Control.  When I came home, from Virginia, I picked up right where we left; cleaning the property of our new place.  Raking leaves, cutting down limps that are to close to the ground, watering the sandy lawn, burning the nice massive left over piles of twigs limbs and brush left from the previous tenants, pulling weeds, and just turning the house look into a home look.  Again, working through the pain.  Yelling OUCH when I tried to grip something.  Waking from a dead sleep when I turned my hand the wrong way.  Looking past the swelling, and working through the now, constant pain.  Again Control.  My reasoning as been, without health insurance and a job; I would have a massive bill hanging over my head.  In reality I know there is still to much work to do on the new place; and having my arm in a cast right now.. simply wont work. Control has a new owner as I have lost control of my OCD, the pain from my wrist has slowed me down quite a bit; while the jerking pounding anxiety inside of me; is screaming to get out.

 There is so much that I need to be doing, and I am getting things done at a slower pace in between writing this blog.  Even typing on my laptop or PC keyboard hurts; so I am taking plenty of small breaks; but during those breaks I have cleaned all of my kitchen counters, put up the clean laundry, cleaned the dining room, and swept all the floors.  Break Huh?   Yeah right.  Unfortunately, the work out side is lacking.  Using the pole saw brings the pain to my wrist, to a heighten level.  Although I am left handed, I count on my right hand for everything, except eating.  Using the loppers is next to impossible, opening my hand and then adding tension to close it around the loppers hurts.  I have a very high tolerance for pain, so saying it hurts to much to work out doors, tells you I am in serious pain.  I am watering the sandy lawn, hosing off any dirt from the concrete slab front porch area, and the back porch area.  Having two large outside dogs on a sand-ish lot, brings lots of unwanted sand onto areas that drive me crazy. 

 Is it possible to have OCD and Control it, at the same time?

From Google Images

 I may not have Control of my OCD and the Anxiety may be overwhelming at times, but I am going to keep working through it.  Keep pushing forward to get the things done at our new place.  Working hard to turn our house into a happy home.  I am learning to live with my OCD.  Trying to turn the bad points of OCD into, good ones.  Attempting to stretch my mind into putting less important things off until tomorrow, allowing myself one extra day to get something done.  Facing some of the fears that go hand in hand with OCD is another thing.  I don't like small spaces tight. I haven't fallen in love with our small darkish hall bathroom and I hate our tiny master bathroom.  I cringe at the thought of entering our closet cause it is so closed in.  Although we have a 6 foot fence and added the electric wire at the bottom and, barbed wire at the top in some places; I still fear someone breaking into our place.  I hate that even with two central lights on the property, there are still places I find to dark; leaving me to worry that someone could he hiding in the dark. Oh, Yes I do have a sensor light at the front door, and I know someone will think twice about entering the property with the two outside dogs and to small dogs inside ~ but the worrying and fear of what MIGHT be and what COULD be is all part of OCD.  

Shopping and public places with OCD?   How much time to you have?  That, is another Blog all together.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Unexpected Guest + play mates = Adoption

I love Clouds...

 On Thursday of last week, my sweety and I were looking over our yard.  I have been watering the sand everyday, all day long, in hopes of bringing out the dormant grass.  It's working, the grass is peeking through the sand and spreading nicely across our front yard.  While we were combing across the yard, looking at the trees and the plants on our front porch area, we noticed little paw prints on my sweeties chair.  They were too small  for Tesla, I might add is just like Hooch on the classic movie Turner and Hooch.  Maybe not just like Hooch,  Tesla isn't as tall as Hooch.  And Tesla is Black.  And Tesla has very short legs.  However, Tesla is a bull dozer just like Hooch.  Tesla looks impressively scarey just like Hooch.  When Tesla barks people notice just like Hooch.

This is Tesla ~ he is quite a force

 The small paw prints couldn't have belonged to Thorn either.  He is tall.  Big paws.  Yellowish in color  and there was no hair left on the chair.  Thorn is the papa bear and the chair would have been mangled.

This is Papa Bear Thorn

 Nope, the paws we saw were much much smaller.  Our combing the yard took us to the back of the house, while looking at our potted tulips and bougainvillaeas, way in the back of the yard.. was a little black and white blur.  At full speed, mouth wide open and ears pinned back coming right for us was a Boston Terrier.  She was looking to play, and boy did she give Thorn a run for his money.  

 Nothing got past her, and not even Thorn could keep up with her running playing energy.  She kept her distance from my sweety and me for half the morning.  My sweety searched the fence line on our acre of property to see how she got in.  If one can get in, then two can get out.  We were not going through another search for Thorn and Tesla.  The grounds had to be searched.  Not one single spot across our fence line was tampered with.  How she was able to get onto our property with a 6 foot fence to this day, remains a mystery.

Thorn, Tesla, and the Female Boston Terrier we call Baby, became close friends.  A bond has been formed.  If she barks, the males run to her side.  If the males bark, she is quick to stand along side them, defending them until the end.

Up or Down.  Left or Right.  Front or Back.  No matter how you look at it, we have become very attached to our little Boston Terrier Baby.  For the past week, I have listed adds on Craigslist, Pet Harbor, Pet Finder, Hillsborough County Lost and Found Pets, Facebook, and Fido Finder; thinking the owners are looking for this little bundle of joy.   I would like to think they are looking for her, but if they aren't; she has a home right here.

An exhausting first day...

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Hawk, A Baby, A house, and Dogs...

View of the clouds while flying over Virgina

 So much has happened since the new year.  Working on 'The Property' has ceased.   Man was that lot of work, and still so much work to do.  The phrase 'making a dent' would not even come close to the work we attempted on The Property.  Wonder if a bobcat, the claw, or 100 construction workers would even improve the work we did do.  Properly not.  

 The 'Mother' and 'Baby' Red Shoulder Hawks I have been following.. Well turns out they are Him and Her.  He and She.  Husband and Wife. Ooppsss! Who have now added two little ones to their nest.  Ugliest Cute little things I have ever seen, through binoculars, in my life.  But I am so glad the mom I though was single parenting, was actuality flying around in love with her mate.  

 Speaking of adding little ones to the nest; I am now a happy Nana of 5 grand children.  My son and daughter in law welcomed their bundle of joy into the world in February.  After 40 hours of labor {many blessings to my DIL}, well past the Superbowl, and any after parties; Jaycee Rose made her red carpet appearance.

Jaycee Rose

 My sweety and I are currently in a 4 bedroom 2 bath place.  It took a lot of hard labor, many thanks to my mother for all her help. Lots of sore bones and muscles, sweat and blood was put into making my house a home.  

 The previous occupancies had a horse {who ate all the grass}, squirrels and snakes on the back porch {they are more then gone now}, a rabbit or two running around in the house {hello people!! if it poops, it pees.  Get a cage!!} we laid new carpet throughout, they painted one bedroom green {and not a mint} and added lines of glow in the dark paint of some kind making the walls glow in streaks {Hello!! anyone in there *knocking on their heads*}.  

 There are still plenty of little odd and ends jobs to do, but we are in our own place.  Living as a couple.  In sin.  Cooking dinners.  Watching NCIS and Cold Case.  Drinking Coffee, Tea, Beer, and Wine. in sin.  It's quite wonderful!  Did I mention, we love it?  OH, and the grass is starting to surface, lots of watering

Home is where you are together with your love.. Our Home.

 Our four legged little ones are having a blast on the acre of property.  Thorn believes he is the master, well of it all.   Little does he realize I am still taller than him, he may have bigger teeth, but I my bite is much much stronger.  Oh, that brings me to the driving test Tesla took; having Thorn as a back seat driver, was a little more then Tesla could take.

"Parking this thing is tougher then it looks"

"Keep it in between the line Tesla, and watch the truck next to us"

"Can we leave him next time?  Better yet, can I just bite him?"
  And you thought teaching your children to drive was rough, try teaching these guys.  To make matters more interesting,  it seems my sweety and I were adopted by this little girl...

 She came running toward us, from our back yard.  We could not find a place where she dug into the yard and with the six foot fence; I hope someone didn't just toss here over.  Oh, the thought.  She has adapted well, the boys don't know how to act around her.  She is so comfortable here, that she is fast asleep and snoring {loudly} as I type.

 and just look at this cute face!!!... I haven't picked out a name for her, I have posted pictures however; in case someone is looking for her.  But, if no one is.. what should I name her???

 April.  The saying is, April showers being May flowers.  We have yet to see any showers, never less get them.  Still, my flowers are blooming just wonderfully.  Gotta love sprinklers.  I can't wait to get them all planted in the ground, and have a full yard of green vibrant grass, and colorful blooms.   

Hey, Happy Friday the 13th!!!