Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Day After...

 There is nothing prettier then watching a sunset.  It's not only the perfect way to end a day, but it's the promise of a new day coming.  Just look at the color whispering on the clouds..
The end to another Sunday.

A Sunday off.  What a wonderfully cool day it was to.  I didn't know what to do with myself.  So I decided not  to anything at all.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I'm planning a trip to New York in May with my mother, so I was busy checking out flights, and looking into taking a few tours.  We, my mother and I, want to see The Statue of Liberty,  The Empire State Building, and The World Trade Center Visitor site. Then there is; stop at the play ground named after my uncle Pfc. Carlos J. Lozada, meet with the 173d Airborne Brigade Chapter (also named after my uncle), and take a walk down Times Square.  I sure hope we can get it all done.  I can not wait.  I am so excited!!

While researching the world wide web for my New York trip;  I chatted with Paco and Jose, both in New York (via Facebook), and my friend Liz in Florida (also via Facebook).  I  talked to my ex, via Yahoo IM.  H mm, that is another blog.. Maybe.  One day.  OK.  Maybe not.  Anyway, I wanted to keep busy.   Keep my mind off of  two things.  First:  what happened Saturday.  Yes.  That still pledged me.   I found myself bothered because,  I hadn't heard from Wolverine all weekend.  Now, normally I wouldn't be concerned at all, but due to the fact that I chattered the whole time I was with him Saturday. Yeah.  I was worried.  Had I run him off.  Would he even want to see me again.  Worried that my, over charged mouth batteries, had said to much.

I can't figure it out.

I have no idea what came over me

You know how you feel and act when you meet someone you think is pretty great.  And nothing you say or do, is how you would normally day or do something.  You just feel like you're tripping over the same rock.  Stuck, in the Groundhog movie.  I just could not keep a secret while I was with him, to save my life.   All of the cobwebs in my closet were now completely gone.  And look, I still cant type out his real name.  *sigh*  he will always be Wolverine to me, I mean, he doesn't even look like a David.  Oh.  I have, what ever this is, bad.  To top it off, the movie Unstoppable;  is still in the DVD player, waiting for someone, anyone, to just push the play button.

In between thinking and remembering all the things I said, and things I did.  I was reminded of the other thing I didn't want to remember... 

Yes, This is the Yellow Bird House in my Blog. Pretty, isn't it.

My unwanted guest.

Three traps and,  he /she /it  has yet to enter any of them. Thanks to my, Official Trap Checker,  Ashley... I knew her living in the building next to me was going to come in handy.  With my thin flashlight, Ashley sweeps through the apartment, shining the light on each trap and checking to see if the Guest has check in.  Each day,  Nothing.  Why  does it seem, not only can I not keep my mouth shut, but I also get the great mouse escape story as well.   Are the star not lined up right?  Did I upset some earthy balance, and my punishment is Runth  The Mouth Syndrome and  Houdini. Mouse Prodigy.

The craziest thing of all...
The stupid thing had somehow gotten on top of my microwave...
that sits on top of my refrigerator...

Could this thing possible have wings???    That would be my luck.  Because if it was going to happen, there would be no need look any further, it would surely happen it me.  

I've made plans to pick up One Bite at the feed store in the morning.  If anyone knows about getting rid of Houdini, it would be farmers.  And maybe,  if the stars are in my favor, I wont wake up Tuesday morning to a dead mouse on my bedroom floor...  Not that I would want it still running around my apartment, no, that's not what I meant... One Bite would dry Houdini from the inside out.  Yuck.  That made me sick.

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