Saturday, April 30, 2011

Apartment Living... New Projects

In between working, blogging, keeping the grand children... and anything else I can't remember; I found my new projects.   Love it when things start to come together.  

A home with memories hanging on the walls, is a home full of love.

This is the latest addition to my living room. Tabitha came up with the idea, and my plans are to put the pictures of Texas Blue Bonnets in the frames.  I wasn't to sure if I liked it or not.. maybe the white frame is throwing it off some how, just not to sure.   Then I came across this: 

"Creativity requires courage!"  ~  by Tomas Kinkade.

Once the pictures are in it, I know the grouping will come alive.  Funny thing about an incomplete project, Jayla came over the other day and asked "Nana, who are all them people?"  confused I asked her "What people?"  She said, as she walked to the frames, in a huff  "Them people!"   I couldn't help but laugh.  ** Mental note**   Work on adding the correct photos to those frames this week. 

The next thing I picked up was a Shadow Box.  When my sons first ship was decommissioned, he sent me the Decommission Coin and the Program.  I plan on grouping some Navy items, along with the program and coin and a picture of my son in the shadow box.  

I am pretty sure the shadow box is big enough, if not.. I will search for another one, and just use this shadow box for another project.  There will be another project or something I can use it for later on, this I am sure of.  

One of the projects I have waiting in the wings right now, is my dining room table. Well, the one I am going to redo.  I have said many times before, just hate the table and chairs I have right now, but you can't pass up free.  They work for for the moment, but I imagined something better in that spot.  Something that screams, ME.  It is sitting in my dining room right now, waiting to be made new. But first, lets honor her arrival.

Just look at her color.  Her wood etching surface.  Shining in all her glory.  This table, says it all.  
Can it get any better then that.  I see, grace... warmth...  I see her in my dining room, clearly.  Wait until you see her from the side, your going to love it...

Told you.  Doesn't a story just start forming in your mind.  I loved this table from the moment I laid eyes on it. It was given to Tabitha and myself while we were living in Florida.  A gift from my cousin Desi and his wife; they were replacing their living room furniture with new items, hence this moved in with us. Just one of the lovely items they gave us that day.  Tabitha and Cody were using the table in their cabin, until they purchased one that worked for them, one with storage.  Cody delivered her to me.  I couldn't wait to bring her inside.  Thank you Desi and Angelia, and thank you Tabitha and Cody !!    What a great piece. 

She waits quitely.  Allowing the room to take glory on her.  She will be the talk of the dining room, the envy of every furniture piece that gets carried by her.  OK, maybe not, but she is going to be awesome. 

Her legs make a statement.  Demanding attention.  And I am going to do just that, give her all the love and attention one dining room table can handle.

So, just how do I plan on making the once Coffee table into a Dining room table?  Well, I am going to shop and hunt for legs. What is needed is an extension of her now short stubby legs.  Something that shows off her strength, and keeps within the same style.  The chairs that will guard her, are just images in my mind, but something will pop out at me and I will know instantly.  The Knights around the Table.  Oh, she is the perfect addition to my apartment. 

I just might not ever leave my dining room.  Oh, to cover the top of the table, because the etching is raised; I am going to look into a clear glass covering.  Carefully.  Because I do not want to deface the wood work.

And about not leaving the dining room.. joke.  It would be terribly hard to sleep in my current dining room chairs. 


  1. this is wonderful, written so beautiful. you did an awesome job and you have a wonderful family. the grandkids are beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much Jackie for the kind words.