Saturday, April 2, 2011

A wish come true...

Goggle photo
We live in a world where little girls {and even some big girls} dream of finding their Prince Charming.  Disney has built million and even billion dollar attractions to help bring our fairy tale dreams to life.  From movies, theme parks, costumes, right down to a wedding location.. our fairy tale is transformed right before our eyes.  Have you ever looked into planning a wedding at Disney?  They set everything up for you, the cake, carriage ride, invites, hotel.. it is all in the bag with Disney.  Quite wonderful if I may add.  I looked into it 10 years ago, when Cody asked Tabitha's hand in marriage.  Even a payment plan ~ very affordable.  When we were blessed with Garrett, he became our number one. 

Today was about making dreams come true.  I made sure it was all planned out on my end.. and everything fell into place perfectly.

Of course, it all began at work.  

April 2nd was marked on the calender. Outfits were being made.  A man and woman were carefully picked.  Who would supply the animal, and get said animal to the location, was taken care of.  The stage was pretty much set, all I had to do was bring three guest.  

And that I did. 

Days before I painted a picture in the minds of two guest.  Each time we came together, a little more of the day ahead was shared.  A movie was purchased.  Child eyes watched as they sat on the end of their seats.  The stage at home was set.  Now to just sit back and wait until the day arrived. 

Friday night was spend buying costumes, breakfast items {eggs, sausage, bread}, lunch items {hot dogs, buns, chips}, and an after lunch snack {chocolate and cookie ice cream}.   Saturday was covered.  My first guest arrived at 9am, Addison.  Shy at the start, but warmed up quickly.  Addison knew what lied ahead, as she ate sausage in the living room... the movie played.  One other guest arrived at about 10am, Jayla.  She was already in costume, and sharing in the movie fun.  Glances were shared between the two first guest, a smile and very little small talk.  It was when the third guest arrived, Arianna, that the silence was broken, and a bond was formed.
Addison, Jayla, and Arianna...
Arianna waltz her way right up to the sofa, climbs in between both girls, and just warms the room right up.  Soon enough, all three girls were fast friends, and Arianna worked hard to keep up with them both.
... Stuck like glue ...
It was time to load up.. Although I didn't rent or own a horse driven glass carriage, the three of them fit together in the back seat, like the puzzles that have missing pieces,  perfectly.  Excitement did build, squeals and giggles rang out from the seat behind me.   I am only a short distance from where we were headed, yet the drive seemed to take almost an hour, I am sure to them it was, I knew it was just a few short blocks.  When we arrive at out destination, chatter grew louder, Arianna was trying to keep up; but everything she said turned out like gibber.  Someone laughed at such a high pitch, I though the windshield would surly break.  We haven't even made it into the parking lot.  Funny, how a single stop light, marks a destination.  The girls knew right where we were, before we even made a left turn at the light.   As we topped the hill, Ashley and I could see the packed parking lot.  In a single swift movement, Ashley had the radio turned down and was addressing the girls "We stick together girls, alright"  "Do you seem them?" Addison asked  "Did every one hear that?" I add... "I see them, can you see them?" Jayla tosses in  "What did I just say, can you tell me Jayla?"  "Yeah.. ump, you said.. See!! they are right there?"  Jayla tells Addison  "Eee Naya"  Arianna chimes in  "Naya?"  "OK.  We are not going to get out of the car until you girls are listening."  I state, and that has caught their attention.  "We do not run.  We will hold hands.  And we will stay together.  You girls hear that?"  "Ess"  Arianna replied.  Could it be that the only child really listening, is the two year old who isn't allowed to walk with out holding an adults hand?

I have learned, through experience {and words of wisdom from my mother}, it is only when a child can repeat back what you said, that you can truly say they even heard you.  "Guess we cant stay Ashley." I said "Yes. We will not run.  You hold my hand Addison, alright?" I heard Jayla say.  "OK.  and we will stay together" Addison replied  "eah" Arianna added.  Guess they were listening after all.  As we all climb out of the car, and head to the front of the building, the girls giggled louder.  "Orse Naya.  Eee. Naya?. Orse"  I think Arianna was besides herself, she laughed, mumbled, jabbered, and screamed in delight a few times.  Addison and Jayla could not wait to get close to Max...  

First things first.  Make sure Addison mom was able to join in her daughters excitement, so the second stop was the pharmacy department.  The first stop was to get Addison her princes dress, and Arianna her fairy dress.  Both girls were in heaven as we picked them out, and headed to the pharmacy.  Nikki would change Addison, and Ashley slipped Arianna into her dress.  Before we ever entered the building, Kevin told us on the sidewalk "Electronics has free cupcakes"... "Oh, thanks" I answered.  Mainly because I knew the second it came out of his mouth, the three girls who have selective hearing, would hear that crystal clear.  And that is just what happened.  As soon as the girls dresses were on, and we headed to the time clock {so Nikki could clock out} Jayla and Addison were on the cupcake hunt.  Arianna was already making it known "Cake Naya?" that she was not leaving with out a cupcake. 

Right after this shot, Arianna reached her hand up to the cupcakes, and brought back a purple finger.  If I had only waited a second or two, I would have caught her in the act.  Oh, the quickness of a two year old.  It was right here, where the girls staked their claim.  "I want a tingle one"  Addison said  "Naya, cake."  Arianna enforced  "Mine is purple, OK Nana."  Jayla added.  With a simple calm voice I said.."First we go outside.  See the horse.  Then we will come back and get cupcakes. OK."  Now, Jayla and Arianna know me well enough to know:
1 ~ When I say it, we will do it... and
2 ~ if they push the issue, they do without.
Jayla turns to Addison and says "Come on, we'll come back and get one."  We were heading toward the door, all three girls in toe..  With Nikki, Ashley, and myself.. there were more then enough eyes on the three girls.  A 2 yr old {Arianna}, a 3 yr old {Addison}, and a 4 yr old {Jayla} plus all the energy of 52 states, and then some.  

Arianna, Addison, and Jayla
Once Max was in view, with Flynn and Rapunzel... The girls excitement reached a new level.  Everyone who saw them were cooing over their outfits.  Addison, the first to reach Max and The Thief (Kevin} made herself right at home.  For all the giggling, laughing and ranting... Jayla stood back.  Shyness took over, and then fear of Max {the horse}.  It took plenty of coaching to get Jayla even close to the stool, but Addison was up in The Thief's arms, and petting Max.  It helped that Addison knew the Thief, but she was just as comfortable with Max.  Nikki said "She grew up around horses.  So it isn't a big deal for her to just walk right up to Max."  I was impressed; and would have thought that Jayla would have followed right along behind her.  Nope. 
Bashful and still unsure.. Jayla grins and covers her eyes

Addison, at home... Jayla, still tries to figure it out...
it all changed in a split second.
Can you see the difference in the three pictures?  One is not the same.  In the one above, Max begins to relax, closes his eyes.  Now, I am not sure what changed from the middle picture to the one below it, but Max opened his eyes, moved a hair.. and in a flash Max turned his head toward Jayla... With the blink of an eye; and a spring in her step.. Jayla was out of the chair and standing right next to me.  That fast.  

Arianna was not having any of it.  Not next to the horse, in front of the horse, beside the horse, or close to the horse.  Poor Max.  It was only when we attempted once again to ease Jayla back on the stool, that Arianna came alive. 

We try again...
Arianna was not having a second try.. Not for her and not for her sister.  You can't see her face, and this isn't video so you can't hear her.  Trust me, she was not happy.  "GET OUT"  she yelled  "Sissy, GET OUT"  Not letting Ashley's hand go for one second, Arianna was making it quite clear, she was not having her sister sit next to that horse.  "OUT SISSY.  GET OUT"  For a child who is hard to understand {still trying to put words together}, with or without her trusted Binky in her mouth... there was no mistaking what she was saying right then.  Her voice was not her normal upset voice.  There was no blood curdling screams.  This was a deep, raspy, firm toned voice.  She was putting her foot down, and didn't stomp once. 

To put both girls at ease, there was only one way to take this picture.. and though there were objections, We did it anyway...
Group Photo
Even within her mothers safe arms, Arianna was not turning her head to look at the camera, or the horse.  I think she felt, if she looked away it meant she was away from Max.  Jayla doesn't look to happy either, a little shaken, but fine.  Addison on the other hand.. was right as rain.  The objection I was speaking of; came from my daughter Ashley; she was worried about how she would look.  As you can see, it is a fine photo. 
l to r {back row} The Thief {Kevin}, Max {the horse}, and Rapunzel {Ashley}  Middle row ~ Ashley {my daughter}, and l to R {front row} Addison, Arianna, and Jayla. 

Addison ~ Heaven.
It was the same way Max looked at Jayla.  The same movement.  With the blink of the human eye; and I think even faster then that, Jayla was gone.  Addison on the other hand, loved everything about Max.  

When it was time to wrap up visiting with the Tangle crew.   The girls and us headed inside.  It was time to get the cupcakes, and pick up a few toys the girls could play with.  I wanted to get them items from the movie Tangle; kind of a treat for being so good.  Plus, they were all a princess, each one in their own way; fear and all ~ they had a wonderful time.  Once we had the cupcakes in hand, and the toys picked out, the three girls just had to say good bye to the crew one more time.. For what ever reason.  We were parked at that end, so why not.  Jayla and Addison walked a few steps head of us, and Arianna was right
behind both of them.  What really caught my eye was Arianna, the way she stood and just looked at Max.  I could see where she would be afraid of him... just look at the size of Max compared to Arianna.  But, without a word, or movement, Arianna just looked up at Max.  Studying him.  Of course, there is the photo where I tell Jayla "Get away from the back of Max, what if he kicks you."  where Jayla asks "But how does he go to the bathroom?"  Not the right time for questions, or answers such as this one.  With a laugh, I wave her toward me, and we all head to the car.  Never a dull moment.  At 4 yrs old, I will leave the answers to questions like that, to my daughter.. and wish her all the luck in the world.  

Arianna gets an eye full.. and so does Max
How does he go to the bathroom?

Each one of the girls had their very own Walmart bag, the small ones, with their cupcakes inside.  When we purchased the cupcakes, it was told to each child "Don't open your cupcake until we get back to Nana's house.  OK.?"  and they all replied "OK".. "Yeah".. and "Ess".  Why would we, as adults, believe that?  I wonder.
 It didn't take Arianna long to open the plastic container holding her cupcake.  A whisper from the back seat, "Arianna opened hers" and the camera in hand, the act of sneaking cupcake was caught.  Each bite was followed by "Mmm", and the finger licking did not end until all the sugary topping was gone.  It took alot to hold Addison and Jayla back, but they kept their word, and neither of them opened their cupcake... that was until we reached Bruce house {Ashley's boyfriend} then both Addison and Jayla dabbled in their toppings.  It was lunch time, I am sure they were all hungry.  We started the day early, the excitement of the days events were overwhelming, I am sure breakfast was last on their minds, it was like putting three little girls in an candy store, and expecting them not to indulge.  The photos of the act, are priceless. 

 A Saturday well spent.  I am sure each of the girls will talk about this day, through next week.  Arianna will never look at horses the same.  Jayla, wont get an answer to her question anytime soon.  And Addison is looking forward to the day where her hair will reach the ground.  

Three little Princes.  Arianna.  Addison.  and Jayla. 

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