Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Precious Little Miracle...

There can never be enough said about Spring. Aren't you just loving the weather?  Not to hot  ~  not to cold; and the wind is blowing just right.  Wild flowers are sprouting up everywhere, Blue Bonnets are adding color where once was a blanket of white, and the sweet sound of hummingbirds are lingering in the air.  

Come to think of it, hanging  from my balcony will be a hummingbird feeder come Wednesday.. hope to see lots of  little colorful birds.  In a few short weeks Peter Cotton Tail will be leaving eggs and chocolate for happy children, and Easter will be celebrated by all {I started a blog about Easter already}.   There is nothing like walking into a store and seeing pretty little Easter dresses and handsome outfits for little boys.  Just check out what my mother sent for her great grand babies.. Man do I ever love Target...

                    Eli is so cute in his Easter outfit, Just look at that little pull over sweeter.  His hair is priceless.   Check Garrett out,  so handsome in red and blue; he can pull handsome and relax in the same outfit.  I love the way he looks in button down shirts, I can remember when all he would wear was pull over polo shirts with three buttons, or a dressy button down shirt.  Always looking so handsome!!  Garrett will tell you that he is "to old" for Easter,  I can understand his thinking, but neither my mother or myself are ready to face that.  Not yet anyway.  

 This is Arianna's Easter dress.  The colors are out of this world.  At the top of the dress are fancy girls socks my mother picked out {she does nothing small} and the sweeter is just in case, Texas adds a bit of chill into the Easter mix.  One can never be sure in Texas.

 Jayla's dress has fabulous colors also.  Perfect for Spring time.  With a light sweeter {again just in case},  knee high socks, and comfortable shoes; Jayla will be ready to hunt Easter eggs all day long.  It is the right of passage for all children, rush to get as many colored eggs as possible so the parents can make egg salad later in the evening.  There isn't a child, not that I know of, that enjoys eating hard boiled eggs; but they can sure color them all night long.  

Talking about Blue Bonnets; Tabitha took the boys into a field the other day, and... well just look at these:

Words can not express the love in my heart.  Just look at my Garrett... Such a ray of pure sunlight. 

That smile alone, speaks a thousand words.  Both pictures capture the boys inner souls.  

The combination of blue bonnets, their personalities, and naturalness in the open Texas field; brings the picture to life.  Plan is, on Wednesday we {Ashley and her girls, Tabitha and her boys, and myself} will drive out to the town of Italy in hopes to capture more Texas wildflowers on film.  If course the children will be included in these photos.  

In closing.. I would like  to leave you with a vision from heaven..

 Just look at their colors.  Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?  I took the liberty of looking up a few web sites about homemade Hummingbird Nectar and thought I would share the recipe with you today..


things you'll need:

  • Hummingbird Feeder
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Water
  • Saucepan
  • Stirring Utensil

    • 1  Fill a saucepan with 4 parts of water and boil on the stove rapidly for 5 minutes and then remove from the stove. This eliminates the fluoride and chlorine in the tap water.
    • 2  Add 1 part of granulated sugar to cooling water. Make sure that the sugar fully dissolves.
    • 3  Add the completely cooled solution to the hummingbird feeder and hang it in a nearby tree. Now, wait for your feathered friends.

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