Saturday, April 23, 2011

Projects and Missions...

Until you walk a mile in another persons shoes, you will never fully understand what they go through. 

My son is back on dry land.  Why does it seem like the "Short Missions" last just as long as the "Long Missions"?  Could the concept of time be escaping me?  Could very well be.  During this Short Mission, I kept myself as busy as possible.  To keep from going crazy.  Shopped with Tabitha.  Visited with the grand babies.  Check emails until the sun came up.  Sat on my balcony watching the stars.  There just isn't any resting, during Missions.  

So, I worked on projects.  One being, James birthday present.  I purchased one of those digital frames, like the one above.  Tabitha and I loaded an 8MG card with family photos, and added it to the frame.  I filled a glass jar with M&Ms, James loves M&M {The peanut ones}, and waited to mail out his gift.  His birthday was spent while on a mission, so his present wouldn't arrive until he got home.  I also worked on a collage of 4x6 photo frames for the living room. 

I am going to add the blue bonnet photos and others of the grand children.  When Jayla seen these frames, she asked "Nana, who are all those people"  At first, I had no idea what she was talking about, until she waved her arm and said "Those people Nana".  She is just to funny.  But I can see where she is coming from, I really need to put the proper photos in the frames. 

Thursday while I was on lunch at work, my phone rang and when I looked down to see who was calling, my heart almost jumped right out of my chest.  It was my son.  Safe and sound.  Eating a hand full of M&Ms and thanking me for the picture frame.  He was home; of course home for him is Virginia.  That didn't matter, back on dry land was all I could think.. dry land.  Didn't take me very long after we hung up, to spread the word.  Everyone in the break room heard the excitement in my voice.  I sent out a text message to both my daughters, and my mother.  Dry land.  

The ship posted some pictures of their "Short Mission", I am going to post a few here.  I wouldn't normally do that, but seeing how the ship has released them {and there are no land marks and no faces} I thought it would be nice to share..

Just look at that.  Love the colors.  So peaceful. 

 How cool are these things?  I've never seen anything like them.

This is a MV-22 Osprey.

The Osprey, from what I understand, created such a wind it took two guys to hold the LSE in place.

Team work. Knowing the man or woman next to you, has your back.

Another peaceful photo.  I really love the glow of the sun in the back ground.  Just so pretty.

Welcome home son.  I have missed hearing your voice, and reading your messages.  I love you baby...

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