Thursday, April 14, 2011

25 years ago today ~ God blessed me with my son....

Twenty -Five years ago today I was blessed with my second child, a son.  A new meaning to life began, and the joys of having a boy was endless.  We named him James, and with every touch he gave, every time he  smiled, every word he spoke; was music to my ears.  He found wonder in everything he did.  Looked at the little things in life, with the gift of understanding.  Never taking one second of his adventures for granted.

April 14
Holding him warmed my heart.  Made my family complete.  More times then not, gave new meaning to the word "bottomless pit" ~ oh yes, James could eat.

 2 1/2 - 3 months

I would often check on James while he slept, worried that one night I would find he had out grown his crib.  On well child care visits, his physician, Dr. Nadal would often tell me "Hand that boy a burger", when I would voice concerns of milk not being enough; James woke very often throughout the night for a bottle, sometimes not even an hour after he just finished one.

The older and bigger he became, I started to notice more of my grand father Pop and my father in him.  I would tell family "James has Pop's eyes" and his love of excitement, reminded me often of my cousin Keith.  With blondish hair and deep brown eyes, everyone who met him, fell in love with James right away.

He sure brightens any room by just walking into it.  There isn't a game system he couldn't play {and is still that way}, there were times he would stay up all night long playing Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega , and I am sure today it is Xbox.  For hours he played with small toys, entertaining himself.  Letting his imagination carry him to far away lands. 

His love for the stars and consultations were often topics of discussion.  He became a teacher to me, telling me the names of stars as he pointed them out.  I will always cherish the times when he would walk into the kitchen as I was cooking and say,  "What's cookin good lookin"   with a grin from ear to ear.  Always room for a meal.

When I was planning my second wedding in 94/95, while I was in my bedroom James walked up to me and said "Marry me Mom".  Little did he know, My heart was already his.  He held it in his hands.  It would always belong to him. 

So many people worry about weather they will have enough love for their second, and even third child.. but that's the thing about your heart... it grows with love.  Having my son, James,  my heart grew bigger then I ever dreamed. 

There is nothing like the love for your child.  It is during times like the one pictured here, where my heart grew even more.  Nothing in life could take away one ounce of the love and pride I have for my son.  He is the gift I waited for.  The blessing from the good Lord above.

When James was young, and anytime we were apart as a family, I would tell him to always look up at the moon and stars, because no matter where we were, I would be looking at the same thing.  I still do that, stop and look up; knowing that somewhere James might be doing the same thing.

Today, my son James serves his country in the United States Navy.   I often speak into the night, willing my words to be carried to him in the wind.  My heart skips a beat when he calls.  The sound of his voice brightens my soul.   God knew what he was doing when he gave me my son,  the bond I would always have with James, and that James would teach my heart to grow.   

Every single day I thank the good Lord for his gift.  For the honor of allowing me to be James mother.  Today, 25 years later...  my heart still grows.... a  blessed gift from my son.

James 2008

Happy Birthday Son...  You have given me so much joy... So much love...  So much pride.  Thank you for allowing God, to pick me as your mother.  May your day be surrounded by friends, laughter, and filled with lots of memories.  As the stars shine down on you, know that they carry my love to you... where ever you may be.

I love you ~ Momma

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