Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Bucket Load of Fun...

The weekends I am off are the greatest, because there is nothing like just standing back and watching the grand babies.   So long as no one is in danger, and an adult is steps away, what damage can a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a 1 year old cause.  Humph, maybe I shouldn't ask that two loud...

Our morning began at 7amish... Tabitha was late bringing Eli over, and Ashley didn't get started with the girls until about 9am... Sleeping in sounded like a wonderful idea, except Eli and I had other plans. 

In order to distract Eli, I took him on the balcony for the Great Bubble Display.  He loved it, I'll say it a hundred times over, the best money I have ever spent...

Don't you just love the surprised expression on his face?  His eyes are so wide, and his eyebrows are lifted up.

Not yet sure he should chase after the bubbles, and you can tell from his fingers; he doesn't want those bubbles to close yet.

Warming up to the floating friendly figures...

As Eli warms up to the bubbles... The chase begins.

Getting closer...

Yay!! He got this bubble.. and the rest is history.  Eli was hooked.

Just before Ashley and the girls came over, Eli took a nap.  If you can call it that, I don't think he slept for a full 45 minutes.  Just enough down time to get his second wind.  Once the gang arrived, we loaded everyone in the car, and headed out for lunch and afternoon play time..

The bubbles floating up toward the sky, and the background in the photo is wonderful. 

Sliding with mommy...

A Saturday With Nana...

Lunch and play time was a huge success.  Thanks to McDonald Happy Meals, there in door play room, and Mocha Frappe'. 

From lunch and play time, once again we loaded everyone into the car, and headed to the Church Yard Sale.  Not only was I interested in checking out what could possible find a spot in my home, there was a small carnival in the same parking lot... If only we had know that the carnival wasn't going to open until 6pm that Saturday night. So as children often do; the three of them found other ways to keep themselves busy; and cool.

Jayla started her afternoon off, with a Painted on Princess Crown.

All the proceeds from the Church Yard Sale went toward Youth Camp in June/July.  The sale was a big hit, and the church made enough money to send each child to camp. Talk about a pure blessing.  And to make the sale even better, the storms held out until later that evening.  

Face paint: $5.00    Turning  Jayla into a princess: 1.00    Having your Tia Tabitha do it:  Priceless.

While Jayla was trying hard to sit still, no an easy task for her; Eli and Arianna found a way to keep themselves cool; and away from the table of paint... Wonderful idea guys!!

A Bucket of Fun.
Three's not a crowd, it makes the bucket that much more fun.

Arianna was happy to stay right in that very spot.  As the afternoon wore on, it did get quite hot.  What a better way to spend your afternoon; then with your hands in a bucket of nice cool water... Eli, thought he needed a bath.  He was soaked; and had a blast doing it.  No harm done, so what not just let them play.

 Simply Precious.  Eli would laugh each time he put water on his face.

Arianna wasn't feeling very well, Asthma had her down.  She guarded the bucket.

At the end of Bucket Fun, the front of Eli's outfit was covered in water.

Splashing the sidewalk was great fun, and even better with the hose out of the way.

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