Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Blessing.. 28 years ago today...

Here I stand, just as I did 28 years ago today.  So, maybe not "just as I did".  Back then I was in Florida, married, and had my first baby.  Oh, and alot thinner, but the best part of me was brought into my life on April 30th..

The good Lord above knew what he was doing, when he blessed me with my first child, a daughter.  I hadn't known the meaning of love, until I held her in my arms for the first time.  Words could never come close to the feeling of pure joy, happiness, and the feeling of being complete.  

I knew the second I looked at her, she was going to do great things.  Her love of life, family and friends would take her far.  As my Pride and Joy grew, her caring loving direct personality shined through.  People who met Tabitha, couldn't get enough of her.   

She has always given me the drive to do better.  Take a chance.  Make a change.  Reach out to some one else.  There hasn't been an obstacle she hasn't overcame.  A project she hasn't given 100 percent of herself to complete.  A person she met that hasn't become her friend.

Crafty doesn't begin to put into words the things Tabitha has done.  Simply picking up a book, or seeing it online, and even in person brings out the side of her hidden within.  Time and age only brings out the best in her.  She is everything I hoped she would be, and more then I ever dreamed.  

Face painting is just one of her passions.  In the photo above, Tabitha painted the spider, on herself, while tending to her family.  She loves painting the faces of children, and seeing the smile and joy it brings each child. 

For the family members children, she makes each child a stool, hand painted just for them.  It is given to said birthday boy/girl on their 1st birthday.  What she does is endless.. not to say the hats, blankets, booties, and scarfs she makes for friends/family and customers.

Family is very important to her.  She tends to every need of her children and her husband, keeping her home and her family top of her list.  Everything she does is for the three men in her life.  Cody, Garrett, and Eli.  You couldn't ask for a better person, woman, mother, wife, daughter, and friend.  Her faith in the Lord above has blessed her with what, some can only dream of.

I couldn't be more proud of my daughter, my first born.  What she has done with her life, is an inspiration to anyone who knows her.  
As a parent, you hope and teach your children, not to make the same mistakes you did as a young adult.  Tabitha is all I ever wanted to be and more. 
Happy Birthday Tabitha.  Today, I was blessed by God above.  When the good Lord sent me you, he knew what he was doing.  You have shown me a love greater then anything I have ever known.   It is your faith and belief in Jesus, that has taught me all things are through him.  Only a God of pure love, could have blessed me with you.  I love you greater then any words I could even attempt to express here.  YOU, have made me a better person today.

You opened my eyes to Life, Happiness, Peace, and Pure Love.  Thank You for being my daughter.  Thank you Jesus, for the blessing you gave me 28 years ago today.

I Love you ~ Mom

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