Sunday, May 1, 2011

Head over heels.. No really !

With my own word playing in my head, I started out the door for work. Head held high, shoulders slightly back, posture and form looking good, and my head held high.   The day was going wonderfully, Customers were happy {for the most part}, returns were finished and paired to their mate; now to just help Lisa put away the order.   Sounds simple enough.  

With this head cold, and the hearing in my ears coming and going {like I am under water}, I found myself working in my own little world.  In between assisting patients, I was helping put away our order.  The delivery driver had arrived while I was on my first break of the day, not a big deal because we have such an awesome group of team players in our corner of the world.  I just hopped right to it, emptying the box and placing the product on one of the pods.  With my arms full, I was weaving in and out of the isles placing the products in their appropriate spots, just like I have done every day.. a thousand times over, and over, and over again. 

.  A strobe light. An out of body experience.   Down.   Down.  Down.  Stars.

I had just picked up some product off of the pod, I turned to head down the short dead end isle... Clank.. *@%  Clank..%!& Clatter.. %@!&.  Humph.... In slow motion I seen it coming, in real time I felt it

In a second I was on the ground..It felt like I was falling for hours {well, maybe not hours},  the only thing next to me.. the Stool...

Ours aren't  these pretty neon colors,  though, seeing how most of us are girls; neon would look cute back there.. 

Before I knew it, my foot slipped.  Trying to regain my balance gracefully, my foot gets trapped by the stool {I have no idea how}, shin hits the metal stool, and I am laying flat on my back... Never dropping one product.. I don't think.  I must have looked like this...

Only I didn't land on a box, and I had clothes on, and shoes. You get the idea.  Lisa and Amanda rush to my side, checking  to if I was alright.  The thing about falling, if you really must that is, do it gracefully... and get up quickly. 

Pay no mind to my flaking leg.  I had no idea my legs were so dry,  rationing water at work you see.. in order to stay within the bathroom break limits {a task ~ for someone who takes a water pill anyway}.  If you look. not at the ointment, rather the indentations from the band aides I applied at work.  I had no idea my leg even began to swell.  Clearly seen, I made it through the remaining work day, limped upstairs to my apartment, and plopped a squat on the sofa; after I had gotten the triple antibiotic ointment and fresh bandages that is.  

I feel my heart beat in my shin.  There will be a rainbow display on my back side in a few days I am sure.. a good thing no one will see it other then myself.   Other then that, my first day of Lady Like behavior was a great success.   I am looking forward to another day of, not self training because I was taught, but refreshing my earlier childhood lessons. 

Keep posted, I have been researching Lady Etiquette and hope to share the information I find in my next post.  In the mean time, I would love to hear:

How are you passing on the proper Dos and Don't s to your children?  What are some of the Lady Like or Gentlemen things your mother or father taught you?  Share them here.. you just might see your suggestions in my Lady Like Blogs..

Oh, just a quick reminder.. When walking, be sure to keep your back straight, shoulders back some {no sloughing}, head held up ~ proud, and smile. You are going to feel so much taller.. you'll see. 

incorrect way to walk  ...  correct way to walk

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