Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lifes suprises...

Not a day goes by that I am not amazed by my grand children.  No matter what it may be, my mouth is often being picked up from the floor.  On April 3rd, Garrett {the eldest grand child} was Baptized.  First came the shock a few weeks ago when he stated it was what he wanted, sessions with the pastor came next {because Garrett is young, just 10 yrs old}, and when the pastor seen that Garrett was indeed ready for this step in his life; the date was set.  

"Let the little children come to me, 
and do not hinder them,
for the kingdom of heaven
belongs to such as these."
Matthew 19:14

After the morning service, Garrett was called to the front of the santuary in preperation for the next step in his life of faith...
 He said a few quick words to his mother, as he collected the items he would be Baptized in, and the towel to dry off with..


That smile is it in a nut shell.  It speaks volumes.  I couldn't be more proud of him. 

The family got together for lunch right after Garrett's Baptismal, Black Eye Pea, the best Blackberry Salad on the planet.  There were 13 of us, and you should have seen the face of the host.. "Just the 3 of you?" {I was with, my two grand daughters} she asked  "There will be 13 in all.  6 children and 7 adults"  I must have turned to stone or something, you should have seen their faces.  "13?"  I was asked  "Yes.  We are celebrating my grandson; he was Baptized today.  I want to make sure he is served a good dessert after lunch, could you list those for me please?"  Maybe there was something hanging from my nose, or a third eye on my forehead.  

About this time, I was greeted by a fourth person.  Her shirt was blue, it has been my experience that the only person who isn't dressed like the others; is the top dog.  I again explained how may people would be joining for lunch; asked about the dessert menu; and waited with Rachel and John, who had arrived just before I was turned over to the Boss.  Within minutes tables were pulled together; high chairs were waiting for totters, booster seats were attached to chairs {safety first} for smaller children, and we were walking to our table.  

Rachel and her boys; Mason and Cohen
Cody {Tabitha's husband} & John {Rachel's husband}.. Brothers
Garrett playing with Arianna ~ Cousins
Tabitha ~ My daughter
Eli. ~ don't you love the tongue

Bruce and Ashley {my youngest daughter}
Jayla ~ such a silly girl
Arianna ~ who kidnapped my drink
A perfect day for a celebration, and who needs a better reason for family to come together.  In honor of the event, Garrett was given a bible {with his name inscribed on the front, in silver} by his parents; and a silver cross with a single diamond placed in the center {from his Nana} to represent the light of Jesus.  

"I am the light of the world.
Whoever follows me will never
walk in darkness,
but will have the light of life."
John 8:12

Before we each got into our cars and drove our seperate ways, I gathered the children together {with plenty of help from Tabitha} and hoped to get a single photo of all 4 my grand children with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts.. This is the gifts I was given.  Who could ask for a better group of children.

Trying to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time was a chore; between myself, Tabitha and Cody standing in the back ground calling the children's names,  I was able to capture Garrett pointing just as Arianna turned around to look at us, Jayla in the middle of a giggle, and I am pretty sure Eli was debating grabbing the ruffles of Jaylas dress.  

Once all the children were looking at me, Arianna does this tongue thing.  I have no idea where she is picking that up from !!

Ashley ~ Arianna's mother..

Well, that would explain it... What a bunch of goofy children and grand children I have.  Wouldn't have it any other way...

Oh my, How could I forget.. Did Garrett get his cake?.. Boy I say he did..
~ Surprised with ha HUNK of cake and ice cream ~
He was asked "Do you mind if we sing to you?" 
~ Everyone joins in and sings to Garrett ~
There's that smile that brightens up any room, and our lives...
All the children were served ice cream, Arianna was already saying "Neya; cake.  Cake Neya?"  as you can see from the expression on her face in the second picture.  

Oh yeah.. Life is good.  And I am enjoying every second I have been blessed with.

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