Friday, April 15, 2011

Where The Wild Flowers Grow...

Fields of color. 
Two scared little girls. 
An adventurous young man. 
Three adult ladies.  
And a baby.

Remember when I couldn't wait to get pictures of the grand babies in a field of Blue Bonnets?  We {Tabitha and I} made plans to get everyone together, the girls dressed in their Easter outfits, I wanted a picture of myself in the wild flowers.  It sounded perfect.  It does sound perfect.  Right?  But, nothing ever turns out the way we plan.  There is the story...

The sun is shining, there is a breeze, all the children are in a good mood.  The only thing that happened that wasn't suppose to, was on the way to Italy; I got off at the wrong exit.  Soon though, I corrected the problem and was back on Interstate 35, and behind Tabitha's green car.  We arrive at our location, and the vision is breathtaking, an ocean of Blue Bonnets awaits us.

Everyone knows how the "power of suggestion" works, right?  On our journey to the Blue Bonnets:

Tabitha made the statement "Just one thing, watch out for snakes"  You can't see Arianna, she is hitching a ride on the back of the stroller Tabitha is pushing.  Jayla is carrying her "Lady Bug" container, I am taking the picture.. Garrett and Ashley are going with the flow.  All seems to be just right as rain... So we thought.

The fear sets in for Jayla, who through actions alone, passes it onto Arianna...

Poor things, Jayla did not want to sit on her stool in the wild flowers for very long; and what ever Jayla did Arianna wasn't to far behind.  This photo was a quick shot, the only one where they were both looking at the camera.  

Both pictures of the girls came out wonderful!!  The color of their dresses, and the Blue Bonnets around them,  splashes of colors greet them both ~ as waves would on the ocean shoreline.  

This is my all time favorite.  With some coaching, Jayla took Arianna's hand and turned to take... three steps.  That is where she drew the line.  Thoughts of snakes still lingered in her head.  But, three steps were all that was needed for Tabitha to capture ~ the perfect photo.

Through it all, Garrett went on an adventure of his own.  I am not sure what he was looking for, but the picture of him walking in a Field of Blue Bonnets.. is truly Awesome !!

At first, I wished the back ground would have been anything other then some junk.  But then I really looked at the photo; "any thing other" ~ wouldn't have been real.  So, I am very pleased with this photo. 

Don't let this one fool you.  I heard every word Tabitha said about "Looking out for snakes".  Although I keep cool for the sake of Jayla and Arianna, I watched every step I took.  Even inspected the area before I laid in the field of Blue Bonnets.

I do have to say.  Those are some mighty fine looking ladies.  And I will say so myself.  Now, I wanted to get all three of our photos like this.  Ashley wouldn't take a picture.  Not in the clothes she was wearing, and of course, she is allergic to flowers.  Itching all over her body is something she likes to stay away from.  So, maybe another time, possibly with a blanket beneath her, and plenty of itch cream on hand. 

Having a picture of myself with all four of my grand children is a goal.  I purchased a Nana frame, that had been sitting on my coffee table... empty.  Ready? ... Eli had a hand to his face, Arianna must have been watching for snakes, and Jayla is anything but happy.  Lets not forget the wind that picked up and blew my hair in my face.  Garrett seems to be the only photographic person here.  We, are an American Family.

Such a pretty field.  What did I tell you.. an ocean of Blue Bonnets.  Look at the fallen tree behind the blue bonnets.  How pretty is that.

The color is something isn't it?  Can you feel the flower come to life in this photo? 

And this one.. I want to reach into the photo and pick it.  Such outstanding color..

Have you taken pictures of Spring in the making?  Add me as a friend on Facebook, tag me in your Spring photos, and I will share them in my up and coming  Easter Blog..  Share your thoughts... Picture ideas... Or just leave a comment... I really cant wait to see your photos.  Thank you for stopping by.

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