Friday, April 29, 2011

Ever Thine. Ever Mine. Ever Ours...

All eyes are on the big wedding tomorrow.   I can understand why, Princes Dianna first child to get married, her eldest son, couldn't help but wish she were here to see it in person.  Makes the big day, bitter sweet doesn't it?  

"It's all about the dress" some say, waiting to see what the dress will look like or how much it might have cost.  Even if it was fancier then some one who married in the past, like a celebrity or someone famous.  "The guest list is very important, it's a social event" has been said as well.  Who is invited tends to tell people how social or important the bride/groom or their families are, if a particular person made the "A List" as if the "Wedding" was about a guest.  Not getting an invite tends to make people think, there is bad blood or some scandalous invent happened between said families.  Oh the joys of talk.  

Forgetting all about the big picture; the most important part of any wedding are when the Bride and Groom say their vows to each other.  That is the only thing, truly important about any wedding.  Two people united as one.  Married.   

Through a web site sent to me by Kevin, I read about the Royal Wedding Dresses, and learned they were made with a message for the people.  I would have never thought, but when turning blood into Royal Blood before your people... it makes sense. A little.


Take a look at Queen Elizabeth Wedding photo to Prince Phillip:

Her dress was design was thought out carefully.  Bringing a promise for the future, better times to come.  Britain was still suffering from economic cost due to World Word II, so the flowers on the Queens dress were embroidered, like walking through a garden gives people a sense of renewal and hope, the idea also applies to the dress.  Bringing hope, promise, and renewal to the people. 

Love this dress.  It was worn in 1893 by Princess Mary of Teck {Couldn't tell you who she is}when she married the future King George V.   The gold is added to the dress as a show of Britain's wealth and power.  So much for the plain old white wedding dress us ladies search high and low for, from what I gather; the lower down the social network the bride to be was, the darker color the dress was.  Interesting.  Theory was; because it was harder for the bride to keep the dress, or have someone help the bride keep the dress, clean.  

Man was I born in the wrong century.  I love this look.  This is exactly what I picture when some one says "A Gentlemen".  Queen Victoria's Daughter.  The dress was worn in 1885 by Princess Beatrice, when she wed Prince Henry of Battenburg.  It was during this time that Royal Weddings were made {visual} public.  Thanks goes out to the Media and Photography.   Queen Victoria's wedding in 1840, was the biggest even of it's time.  The Media Pictures of that wedding made it all the way to the United States within a month, back then {as it is today}Royal Weddings are a big deal to everyone one. 

 Part of me thought when Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert in 1840, she would have worn something more Royal.  Maybe velvet or something along those lines.  Adorned with gold and jewels.  Am I off base in that line of thinking?  As I read about her wedding dress, it was suggested that she wore Velvet, Red Velvet in fact lined in Gold and such,  {Thought so}but she turned that all down to keep the more simple well brought up type of look.  Makes perfect sense to me.     She had her dress made in Britain from silk woven in London, she kept the focuses of her wedding attire, British. 

The sleeve of Queen Victoria's Wedding Gown.  It was a White dress, time has aged it.  The dress will be going on display in 2010 at the London's Kensington Palace. 

I have always loved learning about Knights, Kings, Princes and Princess.  Marriages of Royal blood in the past, were for political reasons.  Wealth and Power over countries.  Never for romance or fairy tails.  Sad, but true. 

 The last Royal Wedding Gown I found listed was worn by Princess Charlotte in 1816, when she married Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg.  Princess Charlotte was the only child of Future King George IV, her gown was the last one made of precious material.  The thread was made of pure silver. 

Princess Charlotte Died in child birth, the year following her wedding.

I would have thought Princess Diana's Wedding Gown would have been listed in the Royal Wedding Dresses list.  So sad it isn't.  That was a Wedding to remember, and I still remember the day we sat in front of the T.V. watching her walk down the church isle.  The train on her gown went on for what seemed miles, and the first kiss in front of Britain {on the Balcony} is another moment etched in my memory.  

I think it only be fair, and fitting to see the gown here.. 

Princess Diana sure was a beautiful bride.  I am sure, in all the land, there will never be another in comparison.  She was a amazing person, on the in side as well as the out.  Not only did London loose their beloved Princess, but people all over the world lost their icon.. Faith, Love, Hope, and the Promise of better things to come.  

To me, her dress tell a story as well.  One in which the Worlds Princess'  Wedding Gown and Train, is a symbol of Strength.  Depth.  Honor.   Of a young Princess who went to great lengths at helping the people of the world. 

There are three weddings coming up:

The Royal Wedding of Kate and Prince William will be held on Friday, London time of course.  You can watch the Wedding on Television, by setting your alarm clock to wake you shortly before 4 AM.  News stations all over the world will be recapping the event beginning at 9am Friday, and I am sure for many days there after.  

The Wedding of Kevin and Lauren will be held in a few short weeks.  Great attention and planning has gone into their wedding.  As the days become shorter and the weeks less, there is a sense of excitement in Kevin's voice.  A spring in his step, and a glow of pride in his eyes.  Not one of a boastful pride, but rather, a pride of knowing she picked him when she said yes.  A sense of complement. 

The wedding of Beth and Ryan is in the coming months.  Although they are 1300 miles from where I am, her planning is unmistakable.  The love of their coming union, screams from her postings and pictures.  Ryan's endless ways of putting her first is,  Classic.  Caring.  Loving.   He knows as well, she completes him.  Beth's eyes glows just looking upon Ryan, every picture seen of them together, and the glow is the first thing you are drawn to.

The important thing to remember is;  regardless of your Social Standings or Wealth and Power Status, weddings aren't about how big of an event it is, or how many people attend, who did or did not get an invitation.. rather, it is the joining of a single man and a single woman in the eyes of the Lord, with family and friends as witnesses, uniting as one.  

Ever Thine
Ever Mine
Ever Ours

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