Wednesday, April 20, 2011

History of Family...

When looking at the bigger picture,  the phrase "The ties that bind" ring clear.   I woke this morning with something already on my mind, maybe it came from a dream I dont remember having or, it could have been on my subconscious already.  It could quite possibly be a message for me this morning.  At 5:45am, you would have found me headed to the kitchen in search of fresh coffee, but that isn't was woke me.  The words "I knew you even before you were born" popped into my head; it was these very words that woke me from a sound sleep.

There I was thinking about the birth of my family.  When I have looked back before, the association of when members of my family were born, always stuck out.  The similarities in each generation is equivalent to the next.  Almost a mirror of the ones before it.    Let me try to explain:

In 1960 my mother had her first child, a boy, who was born in Sept. One year later, she delivered her second child, a boy, who was also born in Sept.  Each boys birthday is 1 year 9 days apart.

My mothers sons...
The first of my mothers children to have a child was my sister Marry Ann.  Her first child was a girl, born in May.  Her second child, also a girl, was born in March.  Is the fact that both her children were born in months beginning with M,  comparable with the first?  

My sisters daughters...

Here is another:

In 1983 my first child was born, a girl, who was born in April.  Two years later I delivered my second child, a boy, who was also born in April.  Each one of their birthdays are 2 years 15 days apart.

My three children..
Of my brothers, the eldest of the two is the only one with a child, a girl.  So, I am unable to compare the uniqueness of my family history with either boys.  Or is Unique the correct word?  In regards to my sisters children, her eldest {thus so far} is the only one with children; and each of them were born in different months {June and August} so I am unable to compare those. 

If you traced the birth line of your family, would you find some similarities?  Perhaps the same as mine?  Perhaps.  Let me show you more.. it gets fun here.  The distance of a family line, knows no distance. 

In regards to my children {the only child thus so far} who seems to carry on this characteristic trait is my daughter... take a look at this:

In 2001 my daughter delivered her first child, a boy, who was born in January.  Her second child, a boy, was also delivered in January.  Nine years later.  Her boys are 9 years 15 days apart.

My eldest daughters sons...
Funny how a families birth history comes full circle, isn't it?  Would this be best described as an anomaly?  I don't think so, in fact, with the amount of people in the world today, surly there are other families with the some kind of  Birth History.  There has to be.  

In 2006 my youngest daughter delivered her first child, a girl, who was born in August.  Her second child, a girl, was born two years later in January. 

My youngest daughter's ~ daughters'

 Now, they may not share the same birth month,  or birth months that begin with the same letter, but I find it very interesting that my youngest daughter has two girls, while my eldest daughter has two sons.   

I was the only child, out of the five children my mother had, to carry and deliver a son. 

Our Family
 In the back: My son James.  
Left to Right: My daughter Tabitha, My sisters daughters Patricia and Christina
Left to Right: My daughter Ashley, Tabitha's son Garrett, Patricia's son Andrew
Left to Right: Ashley's daughter Jayla, and Patricia's daughter Taria

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