Thursday, April 7, 2011

History in small places....

West Texas ~ Where you been all my life !!

From talking with fellow coworkers, customers and just plain ole listening in the break room, I have learned a few things:

1 ~ I must have been hiding under a rock for the last 2 years!!

When I arrived in the Pharmacy yesterday.. We got on the subject about West {West TX} and the food of this small town.  Why I haven't ventured into the small town and embark on the Kolache's of West Texas, is far beyond me.  They just sound so yummy for the tummy.  When talking to Kevin {a fellow coworker, and one of the most informative persons I have met} he asked "Do you like ham?" , "How about fruit?".  Just his questions alone had my mouth watering.. "Yep." I answered  "I like blackberries, blueberries, raspberries,  pineapples, apples... All fruit except the Melons, and Lopes family."  But the sound of listing the juicy fruits had my heart fluttering and my taste buds screaming.  OH, my goodness... Look out West Texas, I am coming. 

2 ~ I am missing out on some darn good food.!!  

In the hopes of not living under a rock, I reached my fingers across my keyboard and hollered out to Google.. A little internet research.  The real prize winner is going to the shop that makes the best Kolache... The Village Bakery.. 

A man named Wendel Montgomery opened it in 1952, and it has been a local favorite since that time.  From what I learned online, it is still run by his wife today {keep in mind, I haven't researched this personally}. there is nothing like a family run eatery.  Besides, just look at the place, I love the rustic look.  

3 ~ I am missing small town History... Ugh! Wake up Joslinda !!

Another wonderful thing... Kevin said there were plenty of little shops and antique places.  There is nothing like walking the streets of a small town, you can almost feel the sidewalks guide you, the buildings watching you, and if your really lucky; the walls of any shop will whisper its history in your ears.  Those are the best shopping days.  . 

I can almost hear the history now. 

Hillsboro Tx,  has history as well.  But, I have already walked these streets and seen all there is to see.  Besides, Hillsboro doesn't know how to throw big shin digs like West... although there are 3 exits off of Highway 35 leading you right into Hillsboro, there isn't alot of community functions.  Doesn't seem it was always that way, back when {I mean far back}the center of Hillsboro was hopping with its people.  

The court house is beautiful today, but in 1993 fire burnt the building and left only the outer shell.  It was through Willy Nelson {a concert he preformed in the center of town}, and other associations that the court house was repaired. 

The photo above was taken in April of 2008.  There are alot of old buildings in Hillsboro, but some of them are run down and sadly lost the charm of long ago.  

There isn't much to Hillsboro Texas, not even attempting to view pictures, will you find many photo or details of the town.  Everything that was stored in the court house was lost during the fire.  It is mostly a farm area, where they take pride in such things as "The Cotton Pickin Fair" and "Antique Car Shows" "The Home Coming of Hillsboro High School Eagles".   

So many eartys in Hillsboro {in the center of town} have closed, the buildings torn down and forgotten.  
If sitting down and getting a family meal is what you are looking for.. Lone Star Cafe', Black Eye Pea, and Ihop are the only choices... in fast food, Hillsboro offers Whataburger, Sonic, McDonald, Arbys, Jack in the Box, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and I am sure there are others  that aren't listed, sorry bad memory.  All of these eatery are right off of Hwy 35, except for Sonic.  

Now a days, lots are empty and business are serving just to the locals.  The Hillsboro Outlet Mall {Once known as Prime Outlet} has two phases, and in truth, all the stores could fit into one phase and still have space left to lease out.  There once was a time where trying to drive into the mall parking lot was a task only for the crafty driver.  When the service roads were driven both ways, and a weekend shopping event was heaven for all families.  That was the days of yesteryear.  It is no wonder why so many families take their spending money, and shop outside of Hillsboro.  Even I, myself, shop elsewhere.  

What I've come to love about this town, is my apartment, and the beautiful visions I wake to in the mornings:

And the wonderful views at night...

Having had the pleasure of living in a big city, being right on the highway doesn't bother me or take away from the vision of a sun set or sun rise, even getting a glimpse of the moon before the sky turns into the dark of night. 

~ Come on... share your stories.. ~
Have you shopped in West Texas, and what shops did you find interesting?   I hear West Fest is a pretty big to do, have you been?  Be sure to share which Kolache's you think are the best.

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