Friday, April 22, 2011

up UP and AWAY....

I am not a money spender.  Well, not on myself anyway, but today I stood back and admitted; " This is the best money I ever spent".  It wasn't anything fancy.  No new bedroom suite {Although I am still looking}, not a dining room table {and I so need to get one}, Nope, not books {But I did buy 2 last week}.  This is the best thing on the planet of the earth.   Not one single sticky soapy finger.  No huffing and puffing.

Just take a look...

   "Bubbles Neya" 

Just an endless flow of bubbles to chase and pop.  
I caught Arianna in motion to pop the two bubbles captured here. 

Even as the bubbles were carried into the wind, off the balcony, 
Arianna kept an eye on them as they floated off to a new adventure.
Now Jayla was in school, so Arianna was able to play with the bubble machine first.  I know, not a fair deal, but Jayla joined in right after I got home from work.  And Arianna feels so left out when Jayla heads off to school in the morning.  

This was a fair trade.  For a 2 year old that is. 

Jayla, is so funny.  I told her we were going to play in the bubbles and she pulled her leggings up as far as they would go.  I think, some how, she thought there was bathing involved.  But she had a blast.

There was jumping, and screaming, and laughing, and  yes, even Bubble Dancing.

Lets not forget the part where you have to catch a bubble or two.

Jayla made a Bubble Dance out of trying to catch bubbles.
And see, her pants are starting to come down, how funny.

Arianna joined right in. She was dancing, hopping, shaking her arms and singing.  

When the bubble machine started to show signs of slowing, that's when I heard "More Bubble Neya".

It is this look, when I seen this face..  Yep, money well spent for an afternoon in
Bubble World... and I got the best part.. 
To just stand back & watch the fun, plus capture the moments on film.

Bubble Machine ~ 10.00 {Walmart}
Large Bubble refill ~ 1.97 {Walmart}
Watching Bubble Dance Show ~ Paid in love
Children laughter ~ Priceless

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