Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kolache Heaven...

When you can't get to West,  the next best thing is when West comes to you.   
My mouth was dancing.   Heart was racing.  The mind took over, and I had to try another, and another.  The only next best thing, well.. it seems the next best thing has escaped me.  I can only say.. this will not be the last time.

There will be more...
A little of this one, and that one..
Maybe Amanda is right, A Pharmacy field trip..
for lots of things.

As I walked into the pharmacy Thursday afternoon, I was directed to the long counter along our wall.  Two pink boxes awaited my arrival.   Inside the boxes ~ Heaven.

Kevin had stoped at his fravorte Kolache place.  It seems there are many in West Texas.  What ever bakery these came from, is front running with me. 

The first box had fruit:


So many others I can not recall.  But the way my mouth felt, is unforgettable.  I had Raspberry first, need anything else be said?  With the first bite, my mouth came alive, my taste buds were singing, and my heart began to race.  I had never bit into anything like it.  Never tasted something like this.  I was in love.

These Bakery wonders were a hit with all the pharmacy personal that morning.  I learned, Kolache were just as good the second time around.  Purchase many, freeze them, and the second day; heat and enjoy again. 

In the second pink box were:

Sausage and cheese
Ham and cheese

If there were others, I couldn't attest to.. the pharmacy crew already had dug in.

For lunch I took two ham and cheese, into the break room.  15 seconds in the microwave, and my mouth came alive again.  Twice in one day... my mouth sang.  The outer layer, sweet and inviting, inside was even more.  Oh yes, a girl can become addicted.  There were pleanty of looks from other employees, but I was not sharing. 

These were all mine. 

Yummy doesn't even come close to these Bakery Wonders.  I would suggest, when traveling through Texas, on Highway 35... do your taste buds a favor, and take a few moments of your time and be sure to stop in West,  purchase many and bite into one of the many, Kolache's.

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