Friday, April 15, 2011

Late night rumble...

It is no big secret that I am not a fan of storms.  OK, maybe you might not have know that, but I'm not.  Not at all.  Through every storm, I go through the same routine. 

Sit in front of the T.V. and watch the news with bugged eyes. 

What direction is the storm is moving?  What can I expect?  How fast is the wind blowing with the storm?   

Ever try to figure out where a storm is, or where it is headed; when you have never heard the names of the towns the news guy is talking about.  Nerveless.. at a time of panic, you can't remember which way is North or South.  

Did I start the coffee maker?  Oh yeah, there has to be fresh coffee in a storm.  Where are the girls?  How are the grand babies holding up?  Is the car full of gas? 

Living in Florida... there is one thing you learn fast.  When expecting a storm, make sure the car is full of gas.  As most of you know, yesterday evening {4/14} a storm force blew in.  Dallas Fort Worth area was pelted with hail.  Winds blew at 70+ miles a hour in some areas.  I kept my eye on the news, and my hands working my phone.  Tabitha sent me a text message about the storm coming, I had already heard it on the news.  Then touched base with Ashley, made sure she kept her phone close by... just in case.  Out of the blue, my hands did the strangest thing.   They grabbed my camera.  My legs walked to the front door, and in a single swift movement, I was outside.  It was like an outer body experience.  

Standing on my front walkway, as the wind whipped the tree awake, I waited.  The sky would light up, flashes before my eyes, a rumble deep in the earth... and then silence.  Some one was rewinding the same scene and replaying it over and over again.  I put the camera on the proper setting, pointed and waited.  

These are what I captured.

Wait for it...   


This picture wasn't as bad as the first, but I was still shaking like a leaf.  My feet were planted, weights or something had me held to this very spot.  It seemed like a life time.. thought I know it was only minutes.  Something kept telling me to wait.  Just wait for it.  



Look at that.  Well worth waiting for, and shaking like a leaf.  I wasn't even sure I captured a lighting bolt.. When  loading my pictures last night  there were many dark black frames...  

This one, was worth all the waiting. 

Have you ever found yourself taking pictures at what seems like, the craziest times?   Maybe during a wild fire.  Or a hail storm.  How about a tornado.   When you were able to look at the pictures you captured, were you amazed at what you seen?  Share your story, you can even load your photos to your Facebook page and tag me in them, I will use your photos in a future blog... "Wild Pictures".

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