Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Midnight Drive...

Dallas Fort Worth Airport

By the time I entered the parking garage and drove around for a while, parking at E1/2 seemed like the right place to park.  Surely, all the gates were not going to be functioning tonight, I mean, how many midnight fliers could there be?  The very first parking spot.. E1/2, is where I turned off the car, and sighed.   I could not wait to get inside the arrival terminal and wait for Paul to walk into the baggage claim area.  With my book in hand, and cell phone in my pocket, I was ready for the night, err early morning, to begin.  My first stop was to the restroom, hands seemed sticky and sweety, as I rounded the corner and seen the women sign, I turned in.  Walked up to the sink and turned it on when,  a man walked up next to me.  "Oh my" I said "Either I have walked into the men's room, or you are in the woman's room"  A blank look and a confusing response came out of his mouth "Hump, I could have walked into the women restroom, I dont know"  We both inch toward the restroom entrance ... With a very loud gasp, and my hand over my mouth, I read the sign... MEN !!

Yep, I walked right into the men's restroom.

"Oh my God, I am so sorry" blurted out and I quickly retreated to the woman's restroom entrance, which is shared by the men's entrance.  I wanted to climb into a whole and die, right there in the restroom.  But that would mean Paul would be stuck at the airport for the next 6 days.  I had to leave the restroom, that guy would be gone by now, the coast should be clear.  As my luck would have it; I was exiting the restroom at the same time he was.. "Again, I am so sorry."  I said,  with a giggle and smile he added  "No big deal, I have done the same thing, no harm done."   Thank goodness I didn't scared him for life, and I would never seen him again.  

People filled the claim area, Paul's flight wasn't due to arrive for another 30 minutes when I heard 3 limo drivers talking about Air Trans flight arriving early, and they have been all day long.  To be certain I was in the correct area, I give the attendant, in the Lost Claim booth, Paul's flight number and ask if I was at the correct terminal.
DFW Airport Terminal E

"That flight will be arriving at E14" He says.  Guessing from my lost expression he added  "At the next electric doors, exit to the outside, and walk down the sidewalk until you see E14.  It is a few entrances ahead"  So much for parking at E1/2, and being right next to the exit of the parking garage, huh ! 

On the brighter side, I was no longer at the same terminal with the man whom I just shared the restroom sink with.  Lucky me.

As I settled in at the right terminal,  my phone begins to play Powerful Stuff, no need to even check the caller ID, I instantly knew who was on the other end.  "Hey Baby"  I answered  "Hey Baby" followed, "Where are you?"  I asked "At E31, where are you?" Paul replied "E31? I am sitting at E14.  OK, I am walking to you" I added "And I'll start walking toward you."  Paul responded We made small talk, learned that while I was walking outside on the sidewalk, he was walking inside the building.  We would never meet this way, so I told him to stay inside, and I will enter the building at the next entrance  "I am entering at E17" I told Paul "I am at E17 also."  Paul had to make a quick pit stop, but even when he reentered the baggage claim area, we did not see each other.  "I am going to go down this escalator, maybe you are downstairs" I told Paul, and I did.  It took me right outside to the departing zone.  Good Night.  After 29 plus years, fate is going to have us chasing each other around Dallas Fort Worth Terminals?  With the help of some male workers, and a quick elevator ride, I was back upstairs, exiting into the claim area and with a few short steps; right into Paul's arms.

Home.  That is the only word I could even use to express the feeling at that very moment.  I have made it Home. 

Dallas Fort Worth Mix Master

Paul and I begin our walk from Terminal E17 to E1/2, where the car is parked.  I could not take my eyes off of him; I could not grasp that he was even in Texas.  The biggest thing that worried me, was getting out of the airport and back home. 

Dallas Mix Master in the daylight is no fun, never mind driving it at night.  Maps were in the car, and Paul stated he would take a look at them, I would drive as he directed us out of the Airport and onto the correct highways.  Lord help us !!

Dallas is very pretty, don't get me wrong, and with the lights glowing.. it is a vision that no picture would never do justice.  Just that taking the drive in the dark, with poor reading vision, well, is harder then I thought it would have been on my drive to the airport.  I am very thankful for an extra set of eyes on the drive home.  At least Paul can read the distance signs better then I can.  Throughout the drive home, we talked about the flight, I watched him out of the corner of my eye, we watched for signs together, listened to the radio and just enjoyed each others company.  Making it through the Mix Master wasn't so bad, with company.  If I would had ended up in China, at least I wasn't alone. Oh, I know you can't get to China from the DFW Mix Master .. Geezz, that much I do know.

The drive back to my apartment couldn't have been better.  Everything I dreamed and hoped it would be,  ten times more then that.  6 days wasn't going to be enough, I already knew this in my heart.


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