Saturday, October 6, 2012

Brito, Lady Justice where are you?

  Remember when I was telling you about this free paper we get out here; TBT?  Every time we are within the Publix parking lot area, we pick up a few of them.  I like to read it, my sweety loves them, my mother enjoys them, and now we have my sister hooked on TBT as well. 
  The September 28 issue of TBT caught my interest before I turned the first page.  "She Lives With Her Guilt'.  Have you read it?  Here is who they are talking about...

  While reading the story, I felt my blood boil.  My blood pressure rise.  The hair on the back of my neck stand up.  Guilt isn't enough for this mother of 2.

  The TBT* story was written by John Barry and Jessica Vander Velde; they did a wonderful job reporting and writing about it.  Full credit belongs to them both.  Just from reading the front page of the TBT I now held in my hand, had me longing to find out more.  Thus, such longing had to wait until I finished driving home. 

 Kiara 16 and Jeremi 13
Let me quote for you the first two paragraphs of the story.  You will see why my blood started to simmer.

The house on W Van Buren Drive in Port Tampa was not-so-secret illicit emporium.  Neighbors knew it as a place they could get tattooed, or choose from dozens of designer watches, or buy high-grade marijuana and cocaine.
Its notorious reputation brought two drug customers to the doorstep at 5am on June 5, 2011.  When they knocked, a 16-year old girl, home that night with just 13-year old brother, answered. 
  What happened next, is horrific.  As a parent, you are bound to the safely of your children.  That is your number one job.  Anything other than 100 percent of your time, trying to protect your children, is forbidding.  Unthinkable.   
  Let me paint a picture of the players from that night; based off of what is written in the article and from what I can gather.  Judy Brito {the mother} is at the beach with her boyfriend.  Kiara Brito {16 year old daughter} had been hanging out the Tabu Ultra Lounge in Ybor City until 2:30am.  Jeremi Brito {13 year old son} was spending the night at a friends house.  While at the Tabu Ultra Lounge Kiara met two football playing buddies; Travari Grant and Charles Wait {Both now 20 years old}. 
  Basically, here is how everything played out, again my writing is based on what is written in TBT.
  Kiara Brito {16 yrs old} was at home alone after arriving home from the club in Ybor City.  Judy Brito {the mother} called her son Jeremi Brito at 4:30am while he was spending the night at a friends and told him to go home, so Kiara wouldn't be alone.  The 13 year old boy drove his mothers BMW from the friends house to his home at 3021 W Van Buren Drive, near McDill Air Force Base.  Mean while the two guys Kiara met at the club in Ybor City, were heading to the same address.  Minutes after Waits and Grant's arrival, the neighbors heard gunshots.

  I am shocked and heart broken right now, just as I was the first time I read the story.  Sad.  Just plain sad.  I am going to quote the next few paragraphs of the article for you; alright?

"Who is it? Kiara asked
"It's me", one of the men answered
In that moment, a drug purchase became a home invasion.  One of the men pulled a gun and told the other, "I'm going to rob them."
When the Girl, Kiara Brito, opened the door, the man opened fire on her and her brother, Jeremi, shooting both of them in the head.

 Two young lives.  Gone in a second.  The dreams of a 16 year old girl, ended.  The hopes of a 13 year old boy, vanish. 
As I read the story the first time.  I was saddened at the lost of the young lives.  I was sickened to read that the children assisted in their mothers drug house.  The article states the girl, 16 year old; ran her own tattoo business and sold marijuana.  How, as a parent, can you let your child run a drug business out of your house; not to say letting your child run YOUR drug business.  Not to say allowing your child to get involved with drugs at all!! Am I the only one who thinks that it is just plain outright irresponsible?
I'm giving myself  blood pressure headache.  Further in the Article is where the anger set in for me. Oh you're going to love this... I quote

Brito doesn't face any charges.  Her attorney, Ricky Martinez, said Thursday she doesn't refute any of the evidence.  "She lives with her guilt.  She's forever remorseful.  She has paid the ultimate price."

  Sorry, but the children paid the ultimate price.  Not the mother.  And what is it with the "She lives with her guilt" stuff?  I mean, her drug house, she is the adult who hooked her children on helping and dealing themselves ... her guilt means crap as far as I am concerned.  The key word in that whole phrase  "She lives with her guilt" is LIVES! 

  Besides, isn't there a law some where about causing the death of another?  You can not tell me, that her 'job' {and I don't mean her lack of parenting job} with the dangers she brought into her home and to her children, she can not or will not be charged with their murders as well.  I mean, come on!  She just as good as held their heads in a bath tub full of water and drowned them both.  She and her drug dealing caused the death of her children, she just didn't pull the trigger.

  Sure, she was arrested.  Action New reported on October 6, 2012 that she was arrested for cocaine charges.  Big Whip!  And she was held under the Baker Act for the fear of her taking her own life. 

  Truth be told,  I don't understand how she is living with her guilt.  The death of a child is hard enough without being the reason they are dead.  Drug dealing wise. Having them helping in the drug house.  Having your children sucked into your life style. 

  Seeing stories where children are injured or killed due to their parents bad choices, will always get my blood boiling.  This story is no exception. 
  Yes, Waits and Grant robbed the house.  Yes one of the two men pulled the trigger.  But, the Mother set the wheels in motion with the Drug House to begin with.  What I want to know is...

Where is the Justice for the two children?

Will this mother, who enabled Waits and Grant by having her children sell the drugs for her, simply go free? 

Is Lady Justice really that blind?

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