Sunday, September 30, 2012


I know that on Monday, the week will be a busy one when... ..

1. I spent Tuesday all wrapped up in what the New Season of NCIS will bring.  Thank goodness Dearing is gone and the Gibbs Team is alright
2. I spent Wednesday watching Paranormal, Ghosthunters, Paranormal, and then the New Ghosthunters 

3.  On Thursday my sister and I got ready for her daughter, son in law, and grandchildren arrival.

4.  Watched Cabin in the Woods on Friday.  I have to say that my Cabin wishful thinking days are over.

5. Watched The Whaley Haunting on Saturday.  Gave me new direction on wanting to go House Haunting Hunting in Ybor City this Halloween.

6.  Spend the past 5 days laying on the sofa, 'cause that is the only time my stomach wasn't upset. 

But this Sunday morning.. I seen a new light.  Sunlight.  So I grabbed my camera and headed out to my front yard. 

On my way there, I noticed how much the vine on the fence had grown.  It is really covering up an eyesore next door.  Grow baby GROW!

The eyesore.  One day, we wont be able to see it at all.  Well, I can hope; can't I?  While I was enjoying the fence covering, I noticed life at work.

Such a hard working Bee.  I had to wait until it landed on a full flower, to get a better picture.  Saying the whole time "please don't sting me."

Such the little hard worker.  Did you notice the blue sky in the pictures above.  It was such a pretty hot morning.

The front Garden Flower Bed is looking so good.  The colors are bright and crisp.  It reminds me of Spring in September.  Than again, it's Florida and this could very well be an extended Spring.

Just look at these.  How pretty are they? 

Yellow is the most cheerful color that I can thingk of.  What color of flowers do you find to be cheerful?

Isn't this the greatest combination of colors ever?  I am in love with these flowers.

Look at the deep green next to that yellow bloom.  I have died and gone to heaven.

Short but sweet and powerful.  My sister sure knows the correct combo of flowers to make a huge impact.  Tonight, My Sweetie brought me a Trumpet Vine Bloom.  It had fallen off the vine and was laying next to our Oak tree.  I have been waiting for months to see that vine bloom.

I hope when I wake in the morning, there are lots of pretty blooms on my Trumpet Vine.  For the first time, in like forever, I can not wait for Monday to arrive.

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