Sunday, September 16, 2012

Doggy Play...

While My Sweety and his brother George worked on the Cobra, our four legged friends visited with family.

You already know My Sweety.  Well the guys hanging half in the car and half out, is George.  A brothers bond is a pretty strong bond.  I like George.  I think a lot of him, and I really like over cooking and sending some to Georges place.  Today however, I made him eat here; at our house.  The dog behind my Sweety, is Logan.  He is one of George pride and joy.

While the brothers worked on back up lights and tail lights; 6 dogs engaged in fun family time.

Tesla and Buddy

Logan, Thorn, Mattie, and Buddy in the pool
Thorn doesn't like to share his pool, come to think of it; he doesn't like to share anything.  I think it is the ADHD in him.

Now, Ole Girl Mattie wasn't into the whole pool idea.  She would rather have Paul mist her with the water hose, nothing but the best for Ole Girl Mattie.

Buddy, Logan, and Mattie

Oddly enough, Logan would only put his feet into the pool.  So the mist soaking caught on pretty quick with Logan.

Silly Sweety and Mattie
My Sweety thought if he got down on the same level as Mattie and showed her getting into the pool was fun, she would get into the pool. 

It didn't happen.  Mattie was perfectly fine laying next to the pool in the cool mud and getting a Mist Spray bath. 

But it was sure cute seeing my sweety try.

Mattie, Thorn, Buddy
When all the running, swimming, and misting was through; George feed each dog bone treats.  As you can clearly see, Thorn had more than his fair share.  Again, a sharing problem.

Logan, Buddy, Mattie, Thorn, and Tesla
Tesla was smart about his bone treats; he moved away from Thorn to eat them. 

It was an eventful reunion for all 6 dogs.  Oh, Bandit came out to visit only a time or two and Cassie? Well Thorn isn't to happy about sharing her either.  So she retired to the house for a while and came out when all the dogs were in relax mode.

Maybe on the next visit, we can have all Seven dogs running the yard at the same time. 

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