Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lights. Camera. Foggy Thingy.

  Yay!!! We have Chocolate Brown!!!!  I have waited for this; for such a long time.  I can not stress how long I have wanted my porch complete.  It still has some rocky spots, but things are really looking good.  This past week, we added Chocolate Brown Paint. 

  Look over the red laundry basket.  OH, and the blue painters tape.  Picture the table cleared off beautifully, and sitting on one of the rockers enjoying a cool Fall day.  See it?  Yeah.  Me too.

  I hadn't put the rocking chair back in its place, so forgive the odd seating arrangement.  And, again picture the table clutter free.  It will get there one day.

  We not only add Chocolate to the beams HMM makes me want a fun size snickers, hold on a second.

Back to what I was saying.

  My sweety hung up my yard sale lights.  Remember the ones I picked up for $5.00 each.  Well they now hang in my home, quite perfectly if you ask me.

  Now here is where things get pretty interesting.  During our painting, the electrical panic attack I was having while my sweety hung the lights, the moving patio furniture, and snapping pictures; everything looked fine.  It is hard to explain, so let me show you this one photo...

  Everything looks like it should in this picture right?  Well, everything looked fine to us as we were painting too.  Now let me point out to you what the camera caught.  See the screen to the left of my sister?  How it seems to be foggy?  While I was taking the photo, I didn't see anything.

Look at this...

Removing the old light
Wiring the new used light.  Hmm.. Hello.
Attaching the new used light.  Remember there is no power to the kitchen dining room yet.
Foggy thingy all gone.  Light all connected and power back on.  Let there be light.
  Is it possible the camera had a moment?  Sure it is.  Is it possible the operator had a snapping clicking moment?  Sure it is.  Is it possible there is a foggy thingy hanging around our house?  Well.  Anything is possible.

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