Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Do's Or Don'ts of life....

My sweety is standing on the line of Do and Don't.  So my question to you is; when DO you let go, or Do you?

Taken during a much needed bath..

Yesterday my sweety came home with a car he purchased a long time ago.  He drove it home, maybe drove it one other time; and than the car sat at his brother George house.  Now, someone wants to buy the car from my sweety. 

Taken before the sun was had fully risen
It is here that he is teetering.  To sell or not to sell.  For me, if the question pops in your head at all, then you have your answer.  Don't sell. 

The car is white, but the odd color in the sky, off set the color.
This morning when I woke up, I grabbed my camera and took pictures of his Cobra.  The sky was a wonderful orange color in my front yard, and a combo of colors in my back yard; so it made the paint on the car look this tan color.  It's really pearl white with deep blue stripes down the center.  A really pretty car if you ask me.  Here, take a look...

Front/Side yard

Back yard...
I though if he does sell,  I could have one of the pictures blown up for him.  You know, in a really nice frame.  The kind that I can't do and will have to have personally made.

Mean Machine

I can only stand beside him while he balances between DO and DON'T; but if it were me...

If it were me.

Would I or Wouldn't I?

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