Saturday, September 15, 2012

Super Duper Friday...

  Fridays are the greatest day of the week.  For those that are calling a busy week to an end, you are most likely looking for a relaxing weekend involving family time, maybe a BBQ with friends, or catching up on yard work before the rain hits.

  For those that are starting their week on Fridays, you already know your weekend will possibly be filled with demo jobs,  traveling to a business location and from another one.  No matter how you look at it, I still think Fridays are the best day of the week.  For me, it is neither the end of a work week or the beginning of a work week.  I work all 7 days; weather permitting.

  My Friday this week?  Well I would just like to show it to you in pictures.  Ready?

The morning was beautiful

Phase One... First Seating Area of the porch gets a face lift.

Phase Two... Painting the Second Sitting Area.
Second Seating Area.  Looking wonderful already.
Entrance to the back porch and First Seating Area.  Looking good.
Taping off to add our Chocolate Brown.  YAY!
All Dry.  Removing the painters tape.
Chocolate Brown Trim.  Yummy!
Another thing off ~  The Home Project List.
Perfect end to a long hot sunburn day..
  Hope you were able to scratch something off of your To Do List, Friday.  Late last night, My Dear Sweet Love; added something to ours...

  See that make shift half door in the picture, the one to the right?  Well that area is the "tool work area".  My Love wants to remove the wood closing in his 'tool area' and screen it in so it matches the rest of the porch.  Love the idea.  Hate that the tools will be exposed to everyone out side of the porch area.  So now to come up with a crafty idea that will allow the area to be screened and, protect the items from larking eyes.

Have a Super Duper Weekend....

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