Monday, September 24, 2012

Awe Monday

This weekend was filled with Home Projects, as most of my weekends are.  But the great joy of the whole 'working your fingers to the bone' motto wasn't so bad as my phone beeped with chimes and test messages; and I enjoyed the view.

My Cool little dude, Eli...
While big brother Garrett is in school, Eli has the run of my daughter Tabitha.  And running she does do.  Here Eli is in his 'Father' mode.  The same type of sunglasses as his father.  The same type of watch as his father.  Funny how little boys mirror their fathers.  Garrett was the same way when he was younger.

Super Cool 6th grader, Garrett
Isn't the electric blue super cool?  Funny hair was the theme at school, and Garrett went all out.  With the help of his mother {my eldest daughter Tabitha}, and a few coats of blue hair spray coloring, the project came together.  Not only was there a challenge to cover his red hair with blue, but to also extend the school spirit to his eyebrows.  Garrett said his eyes felt heavy.  I bet they did.  Ha ha

My all by myself Baby, Jaycee
Is there nothing better than when your child, no matter how young or old, demands self independence?  Jaycee no only loved the food she was tasting, but refused to give up the spoon.  Ha ha.  She is like her father in that way.  When he father {my son James} started to enjoy the taste of real food; there was no safe plate in the house.  He could eat you out of house and home.  I am sure I've heard my daughter in law say this very same thing.  He is, the bottomless pit. 

New Clothes for the School Divas Jayla and Arianna
Not to long ago I received a phone call from Jayla and it went something like this 

Jayla: Nana, Why hasn't you and Paul send me nothing?
Nana: We haven't?  Well, Nana will fix that.  Alright?
Jayla: OK.  I need clothe for school.  Here's Arianna.
Arianna: Lo?
Nana: Hi baby.  How are you?
Arianna: Has nothing!
Nana: Why don't you have anything?
Arianna: Cause I say so!

Well, that was all we needed to here.  Well that, and a 6th birthday party.  My mother, my sister, and I went shopping.  Hello T J Maxx!!! Love that place.  Each of the girls now have 6 new outfits. 

What made you smile today?

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