Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Proof of a Cover Hog....

You  know the mornings you have with your better half where he or she can not believe they did or said something in their sleep? 

Well I have one that is often discussed.  Almost daily.

Me:  I froze last night because you hog all the covers
My Sweetie: No I don't.  I always have to pull the covers from you.

We sleep with the AC on 64 in our room.  Plus a pedestal fan facing the bed.  And a box fan too.  In fact, the AC never mover from 64, day or night.  I can hang meat in our room.  Well not to freeze.  Wouldn't want to either, the thought is pretty yucky.

This time, I made sure I could bring my point home.

I brought proof to the table.  And plenty of it.  This is My Sweeties side of the bed.  See all of the extra quilt pooling on the floor.  Hence, not on my side of the bed...

Now you can clearly see My Sweeties head, well his hair anyway.  Ha, he had no idea I took this photo.  Sometimes having a heavy sleeper next to you, is a good thing.  Anyway, you can easily see the corner of the quilt on my side of the bed.  Yep, that small piece next to the pillow, that was my cover for the night.

Me:  Love, last night I froze again.  Maybe we need to find something bigger than a King size Quilt.  You are hogging all the covers.
My Sweetie:  No I'm Not.
Me: Here Love, let me show you.  {having the camera within reach+ Cover hog = Score}
My Sweetie: Awe Baby, I'm sorry.

God, I Love that man!

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