Monday, September 24, 2012

I see you...

As we add finishing touches, I capture the moment with photos.  You know my camera is never far behind me.  During this home improvement project we painted the entrance way wall and hung up my son military pictures, a letter of recognition I received from my sons military branch, The Flag of Honor, The Flag of Heroes, and other Military items.

Before ~ Marry Ann paints just above the trim area.
All done.  Crisp white wall
The drying part took the longest, but the fun part was putting the wall together and all the American Flag items on the shelves.

 This is the first phase of the wall.  Yes, there is another one. 

 This is the second and finial phase.  I like the wall this way.  What do you think?

While I was going through the photos I had taken of the wall; I noticed something reddish in my sons military photo.  What s that?  I question myself.

Do you see it?  That reddish tint area on the bottom of his portrait photo. 

See it now?  I wasn't wearing red or any color close to it when I took this photo.  I am guilty of the flash in the second photo, but not the red.  And what the heck is that in the photo?  That boat wheel in the bottom corner.  That isn't in the boarder!  See that ghostly boat wheel image?

See?  Where did that come from?  Did you notice anything else?  How about in the picture with the flash, did you see the face in that photo?

>----------Hm---------------------------------------------------------------------------->---------------It's------------------------------------------------------------------Right--->--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There----------->------------------------------------------------------- --------See it?-------->

Seems things at go bump in the night, hang around during the day.  Fine with me, I like company.
Besides, appears to me who ever it is, like my son.. and boating.

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