Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Turn the oven on and ~ Smell

Monday Tuesday Thursday Wednesday... Friday Saturday Sunday.  The Godfather. 

 Sorry temporary movie moment

Anyway back to what I started to tell you; before the mixed up days of the weeks entered my head that is. 

While we received plenty of rain this weekend, I pulled out the backing pans.  Well, not only did I bake but we also cooked this super duperly wonderful chicken and outstanding mushroom lunch sandwich  

Is Duperly a word? 

All I can tell you is.   Well, let the Icing do the talking...

See?  Can you feel the water building in your mouth?  Nope?  Let me help you with that...

I would invite you over; but we have snacked on them so much; that I am pretty sure there might be only crumbs left.  Sorry next time, alright?

For lunch, my sister and I made these...

Washed and added EVOO to the underside of the Portabella Mushrooms then placed each one on the George Foreman grill until they were just right.  Added Swiss Cheese to them while they were hot, put a special sauce on the Kaiser rolls; and enjoyed each and every bite.

For dinner.. Here take a look.

Can you say... YUMMY!

First I squeezed the lemon all over the chicken, and then, carefully, used a knife to scrape the pulp over each chicken quarter. 

Then I poured the whole bottle of the Ken's Marinade over the chicken.  Let the chicken sit in the marinade for a while.  I started in the morning, got busy re potting plants; put the chicken and the marinade in a zip lock baggie and cooked it the next day. 

Small problem called ~ Side Tracking.  I'm working on that.

So, the next day I put the chicken back in my glass baking pan and baked it in the oven for about 2 hours on 250 degrees.  Slow cooking is so so sooo good.

What started out as a hopefully delightful Sunday night dinner; turned into a simply delectable Monday night dinner.

Hope your weekend was just as tasty!!

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  1. Looks yummy! Did you make the rolls from scratch? How is Mary Ann? I havent seen her in....hmmm 30+ years?