Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birth of a New Day...

"We can make the choice 
to value and retain the
wide eye spark of childhood."
~ Thomas Kinkade 

No matter what day it is,  my mind is set on having a good day.   It may not always end up a good day, but I am determined to start my day, by Leaving the past behind me.   It is a promise I made to myself.  Each day is a new beginning and what might have happened the day before; is now in the past.    Every night before going to bed,  I set my alarm for 6:30am.  When the alarm rings, I head straight for the kitchen, Coffee !!   I only make a half pot  {no need for a full pot of coffee being single} and enjoy the smell as it fills the apartment.  I keep my living room blinds open enough to let the morning light dance across my coffee table and bounce off  the walls, brightening the space with the promise of a new day.  

As I slowly pull back the long blinds covering my sliding glass door, I scan the sky; searching for clues.  With the door gliding across the tracks; I tilt my head slightly back, close my eyes,  and take in a breath of the morning air..  

First Glance... Love the reflection in my left eye....

Only, on this morning.. there is no dancing sunlight.  Still, I aim to catch the birth of each morning.  Here is the view from my balcony on this Tuesday, of May the 10th

 Even with the thick dark clouds, just look at the blue sky waiting behind it.   The birth of this day is going to be amazing..

 Before I knew it, the sun was peeking through.  As a child playing in a game of competition chest, the Sun and clouds moved against each other in a timeless manner.

Restlessly, the Sun continues to find an open area in which to stretch his rays, and beam down his warmth ...

With just enough space, the Sun makes his first short appearance of the morning.  Leaving my eyes longing for more...

The closer the Sun traveled to the largest opening, the faster the clouds move in to conceal his birth..

Each rays of the Sun began racing to the closing section, leaving the bellowing white clouds glowing; like the forgotten log of a smoldering camp fire...

It is here, when the clouds leave another small area open, that the Sun is able to peer out over green land; although only for a brief moment...

But the clouds are no longer able to detain the Suns Rays, and for the first time there is a healthy morning stretch, as the Suns Rays branch out past the clouds.

As the Sun moves through the thick coverage, the view reminds me of the peering beam of a bright  flashlight, breaking through the darkness..

Moving swiftly to the opening in the clouds, attempting to leave the darkness behind him...

As the clouds rush to confine him, carefully bracing him with their dark shields of protection....

 But not before the Sun is able to reach the opening, and shine down not only warming my face; but my heart as well...

 For a while longer, the clouds stand firm but close, never leaving the side of the Sun..

As the Sun completes his New Day Birth journey, the clouds open up just enough for the rays to burst through the thin lining...  Just as I suspected, an amazing new day.   

"At some deep level, consciously
or unconsciously, you have to
decide that you want to be joyful"
~ Thomas Kinkade

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