Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Morning Countdown...

"Read a book outside.
 Take a walk in the park.."
~ Thomas Kinkade

Every morning is a new beginning.  The start of something wonderful.  Maybe the day before was a rough day at work, even a couples quarrel, a new baby kept you up all night, or you are counting down the days to something wonderful.  The second you wake up; the slate is clean.  Everything the day before has ended.  A new day is born. Friday Paul and I talked about booking his flight to Texas and on Saturday, as most of you already know, we booked his flight.  He is going to visit with me for six full days.  From that moment on, I made a point to capture my mornings.    I never step onto my balcony without my camera, there is nothing like watching the sun spread her rays, hearing the birds greet the new day, looking past Interstate 35 and seeing the beautiful trees in the distance.

Saturday May 28, 2011 Morning

Just imagine this view with a cup of coffee.  Breath taking isn't it.  I sometimes wonder, if everyone woke just a little earlier, and spent the morning enjoying the view ... Would we be happier people?

I wonder.  Even through trials and tribulations of life. A new day might not bring you a clean slate, but it will offer new prospective. 

Look at the life in that leaf.  The greenness of it and the yellowish trim on the outer edges.  There is nothing in the world like stopping and soaking up the view.

I have always loved Sunday Mornings.  Family around the table, big breakfast to start the day, soaking up the sun.  Yep, Sunday were always a favorite for me. 

Sunday May 29, 2011 Morning

Just look at the clear sky, behind the clouds that is.  As the clouds were moving out, the blue sky backdrop was waiting for greet the late bloomers.  Being able to capture it, was the greatest thing on earth.

I gasped when I saw how pretty this turned out.  Seeing it in person was a pure gift.  I had my Soldiers Table set, the flags hanging on the balcony, and slowly.. I was given this vision.  You can see the rays reach out toward earth and sun kiss the ground tenderly.

What a wonderful blessing to witness. The shocking did not stop there. I was captured again when...

I was taking this picture, of the wind blowing over the tall grass ~ isn't this a pretty shot? ~ when out of the blue...

A Dove lands on the tree next to me, turns its head and looks right at me.  I was so excited that I forgot all about the camera hanging on my left arm.  When I did grab the camera, and put it on the right setting, the Dove turned away.  So, I waited..

So beautiful.  I love mornings !!  I caught the Dove at this point, had  I waited a little while longer; I would have caught the Dove looking right at me again. There couldn't have been a better morning, If granted a single wish, it would have been to share it with my Sweety at my side

Monday May 30, 2011 Morning

Monday morning. Memorial Day, and seven days closer to the finish line.  I love how just enough light is coming through the clouds.  

The breeze blows enough to guide the American Flag,and  the sun peers through just enough to brighten the shot.  It is going to be a wonderful Memorial Day.  

The clouds roll back through, casting a beautiful gray across the sky, fitting weather for a day as such.  The air is crisp, wind is blowing softly, and the sun cast its light at just the right times.... 

Ensuring that the sky will be blue, and the day will hold perfect honor to all our fallen men and women of our military.  Their families will bask in the glory of the sun, warming not only their skins, but their hearts as well. 

"Anything that builds up a simple sense of
pleasure or optimism can be effective in
building up the base cost of happiness
deep in your heart.."
~ Thomas Kinkade

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