Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Together; We Are Strong...

So many people are running on pure emotions these past few days. I have read many blogs and social network comments of people's anger over the Presidents speech.. or the anger over the death of Osama Bin Laden, and even angry posts and comments directed at our military.  I began to reflect on the events of 9/11 and what brought us to the point of a few days ago,  The death of Osama Bin Laden     My post today, is to honor those who lost greatly.  Those... so many have forgotten. 

The children who have lost a parent, or both parents in the 9/11 attacks....

The children who were born..and never had the chance to know who their father was...

For some.. all they have is the last message their parent left on an answering machine; to this day they listen to that voice over and over again... afraid one day; they will forget what it sounds like.

Kristen Grazioso honors her father on May 2nd, 2011, he was killed on 9/11.

It is said, that 3.051 children lost their parent (s) that day alone. Many know them as Tuesdays Children, because 9/11 was on Tuesday.  Of course, there wouldn't be enough room here to add a picture of every child.  I wish there was.  Sometimes, seeing is just one way to help people connect, remember, and feel. 

They are in front of us in the grocery store.  Sitting next to your child in school.  At the local theme park on Saturday or Sunday morning.  Grouped together at the movie theater.  Trying to move on with their life.  Working to put 9/11 behind them.   

For some children, the days of 9/11 are still just as fresh today.  Their parent took an oath, put on a uniform, and headed out for foreign soil.  Searching for the man responsible for the horrific events of that single day.  For these children, waiting ~ is their only hope.  Daily life is a motion, with little emotion. Until their parent returns home..

The man behind 9/11 gave no thought to gender.  No thought to age.  No thought to race.  Men and Women a like answered the call, and America United...

The greatest effects of the events on 9/11.. are the ones our children face.  Their childhood without a parent. 

With the news of Osama bin Laden death.  Many people joined together, to pay respect to the ones they lost.  Maybe to find closure.  Support family or friends.  Share a dream, that so many people who were lost; were not lost in Vain.  Once Again, American is United....

Former Marine Adam Furr visits his friend Lt. Col. Kevin Michael Shea on 5/2/2011

Kathy Maycen touches her daughter name, Lindsay Stapleton Morehouse ~ who was killed on 9/11

Temporary Memorial Site for united Flight 93 ~ Shanksville, Pa. Where messages or signed names were left in memory of their loved ones.

May we all to find strength to move forward ... Peace in our coming days...  and May America always Unite. 

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  1. I found this post yesterday while searching for appropriate photographs for 9/11. Beautifully written, you show great delicacy in your writing. I used some of the photos for my post and credited your blog with a linked title.