Thursday, May 26, 2011

Balcony Visions...

Tonight; after video chatting with my sweety Paul, I went to stand on my balcony.  I often do this to reflect on our conversations.  While I was standing out there, thinking of many wonderful things Paul said to me, I noticed something flying around, out there ..... in the darkness.

Right away my thoughts ran to, "Bats"..  That's me, one big chicken.

In an instant.... it was landing on my balcony.  Not just one, but two ...of what ever they were. 

Shoot !! why didn't I bring my camera ?!?  I always being my camera out on to the balcony !! {never know what shots you might miss}

I slid the sliding glass door open, like a theft in the night {being the chicken I am.. and because I didn't want the BATS to attack me and suck out all my blood}, tip toed into the living room, made a mad dash to my bedroom and snatched the camera. 

With the setting on Night Time Frame, and my finger on the silver button, quickly I heard.. click.. click.. click.. click.and began praying "Please don't attack me and suck my blood"  {To many Vampire movies would be my guess}

Behold.. The Blood Sucking BATS...

 Yeah, have no idea what they are... only that they aren't Blood Sucking Bats. 

What I did see, out side of my non blood sucking bats..  Were falling stars. Not just one neither... But, Three of them.  Woo Hoo, What luck !!

 See how dark it is.  I stand by my Blood Sucking Bats Theory

 My goodness...  How pretty is that ? !?

 Couldn't have asked for a better thing to see tonight, err this morning.

Now, I have to give credit where credit is due.  If I weren't video chatting with my sweety Paul until midnight {his time} I wouldn't have been on my balcony reflecting...  I wouldn't have had the Blood Sucking Bat Theory... I wouldn't have seen three falling stars...  So, thank you baby !!

And, in case you all are wondering... yes I did make Three wishes.  But, you know as well as I do; that I can not share them.  Those must stay between the Non Blood Sucking Bats, Three Falling Stars... and Myself.  

Good night, well ~ Good Morning.  Have a Nice Day ..

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