Sunday, May 8, 2011

Aging Gracefully; is that possible...

When I was attending High School,  science wasn't a big interest of mine.  Not all of it anyway.  I should have paid closer attention, mainly in the Gravity Department.  Who knows,  I could have masterminded a plan to prevent Gravity from taking over.  No one said I couldn't dream, huh?  

So,  I have dug out old photos and compared them each other.  What better way to tell me if I am aging gracefully. Right? And maybe, just maybe, there is an underlining reason for looking back to the aging posses.  There always is.

We arrived from New York to visit my grand parents, hadn't been in Florida very long when this picture was taken.  Why  was I wearing long sleeves is far beyond me.  Florida weather doesn't call for long sleeves, well at least not when I left three years ago.
Fact:  My mother use to fix my hair in a Dippie Do Style when I was younger. It kept my hair straight, shiny and full of bounce.  I use to love the nights my mother would fix my hair.

Just look at all those natural curls, goodness sakes.  Nice to see that my face has always been full and round.
Fact:  I would spend a long time in the mornings, standing in front of the mirror making sure my hair looked perfect.   Trying to impress a young gentlemen.  The things ladies do...

 Even after graduating High School.. My face was still round and full.  My hair finally gave in, could have been the prenatal vitamins.. Who would have thought !!
Fact:  I have always washed my face with Noxzema, and made sure to put Olay on my face every day, from the time I was 12/13 years old..  A daily must, and I still do it to this very day.

Seems here my face was thinner.  Then again, I couldn't find a photo of me looking at the camera.  Must have been during this stage in my life,  when I hating having my picture taken. 
 Fact:  Remember  the days of Web TV.  That is what I am doing, I was sending my mother an email.  What ever happened to Web TV anyway?

Yep.. I did have a thinner face. But, from these photos, so far, I seem to be aging with grace and style.  That's a plus.
Fact: These photos were taken when my first grand child was born.  I am holding Garrett.  That was 10 years ago as of January 30, 2011

My face is no longer thin (er). Plus it looks like the years has worn on me hard.   The troubled years for me, long story {as many of us have them}, plus I turned to food.  A valuable lesson learned.  
Fact:  Food is wonderful to eat, no doubt about that.  What food isn't... for comfort.

These pictures were taken about a month ago.  I can clearly tell a big difference in my face, although not younger  looking, but also not stressed. 
Fact:  The key to living a stress free life; is letting go.  I haven't mastered it fully, but it has worked wonders already.

These next few pictures I took today.  I can see fine lines.. and lines not so fine.  The biggest difference; out side of  that fact that I am no longer 18 or in my my 20's; is that I am wiser now.  That alone is what counts. Gravity can not be controlled;  what will happen does happen.  As the old saying goes.. "What goes up, must come down".  I have controlled my habits... and the rest is left up to the good Lord.  As far as Aging Gracefully, I'd say ~  I haven't done bad in that department at all.    

Ready to begin my day...

Here I am waiting for the coffee to finish, and soaking up the morning sun.  

The warmth of the sun is the best way to start any morning.  It just makes me feel alive.  Recharged.  Vibrant.

Keep in mind.. Regardless if you have {or have not}aged gracefully; being true to yourself is the key to real beauty.  When you are really true to yourself, your beauty will shine from the inside out.

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