Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day reunion and Tears...

Mothers Day with The Mirror of Mom and The Mirror of Empty Nester was an interesting emotional reunion.  

Earlier this  afternoon, I received a phone call from my daughter Tabitha, asking if I was home.  Shortly after we hung up, my door bell rang and my grandson Garrett, with a great big smile, is standing there to greet me.  "Happy Mothers Day Nana" he said as he hugged me ever so tightly.  I needed that.  He just made my day.

He hands me a gift  in tissue paper wrapping, "This is for you"  I could only smile; cause I couldn't get the lump to go down and I knew if I had opened my mouth, the tear would have flowed like a mad river.  "For me?  Thank you baby"  "It's from all of us Nana.  You dont have to untie the ribbon; not like at Christmas time, you can just rip it open"  First I removed the card, "I'll read the card in a few minutes" I stated  "Yeah, that's a good idea" Garrett replied.  I pulled off the blue ribbon, carefully opened the tissue paper, lifted the foil gingerly and... fought very hard to keep the tears back.  I could feel them swelling in my eyes, longing to spill over.  "Oh, I always wanted one of these"  I choked out  "Mom made it you know.. but I liked it too." he added.  While holding the shirt I said  "I can't wait to wear it.  Where should I wear it to first?"  "Wear it on every Mothers Day, and when ever you want to.  Don't forget to read the card Nana."  Carefully I folded my shirt, opened the card and began to read.

My heart was no longer in my chest.  I tried to swallow, but it wouldn't go back down.  With a deep breath I sighed, "Aww.  This card is great, and you each added a little something, look.. Eli's name it there too."  I was overcome with emotion, and trying hard to keep it down.  "And look Nana, you can use the string as a guitar" Gently Garrett pulled on the string to demonstrate.   Some how, he always seems to bring me back down to earth.

 I gave him a shirt that I had picked up a Walmart,  weeks before.   Before Garrett walked out the door, he stopped to look at an old picture of his father.  "Dad sure looks different in this picture."  He remarked  "He was holding you when you were a baby"  I answered.  "I know." he said  "Even his eyebrows are different."  he finished.  "Yeah" I added...  With another hug, and a single "I love you Nana, Happy Mothers day"  My insides were mush. 

I have been here before, at this very crossroad;  The Mirror of Mom and The Mirror of Empty Nester,
There was no fancy breakfast.  Not a convoy of  family heading to dine out.  Company wasn't seated throughout my living room.  Everything was as it should have been in fact.  Facing this honored day knowing the branches of my family tree are blooming with life, my children nourishing the roots with the love and growth of new leaves; I couldn't have been more proud.  I stood somewhat taller, puffed with the pride and carrying The Mirror of Mom with ease.  

 Just Garrett and I stood at the entrance way of my apartment, and as he walked down the stairs and toward his parents car, he turned back and smiled so big at me  "See Ya' Nana."

I let The Mirror of Empty Nester have her day.. for I realized it was not a haze of gray fog covering her surface; rather the joy and love in knowing that together The Mirror of Mom and The Mirror of Empty Nester have completed their job well.  With the tears of them both together, the roots grew a little stronger and my family tree stood taller.

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