Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Everything.. My Mom...

Today we celebrate You, Mom...  All you have given. All you have done. All that you are.  I cherish you Mom.  

~ My Mom ~
 Although I am  1300 miles away from you today mom, know that with each morning and at the end of each night; I share the things I do with you.

From a funny moment, instant worry or fear; I know you are is just a phone call away.  With each photo I take of my grand children or children; the memories are always shared with You. 

I often reach back and remember the days we filled our time with projects of Blue Star Mothers, filling boxes for our Troops, or sending out Christmas Cards to a Ship full of Sailors, and smile holding on to each step I took; with my mother stood beside me.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

~ My eldest Daughter Tabitha and My Mom ~

Holidays are the hardest for me, as they are often spent alone; but then thoughts of past family gatherings flood my memories, bringing me inner peace and comfort.  No matter what the time of day; one thing I know stands true; with the sound of ring in my ear... You are never far way.

~ My youngest daughter Ashley and my Mom ~
In a few short days, You and I will take a trip to New York.  It is time I can't wait to spend, and new memories I will hold close to my heart for ever. 

You have given me more then I can ever hope Mom.  Surpassed what dreams would be possible.  I couldn't be more proud to call You,  Mom. 

Know that there is no distance 
no land to wide or waters to deep
to keep my love from finding you.
Today and every day Mom
In the gentle breeze a cross your skin
the rain shower in mid afternoon 
and the stars that brighten your way,
I am with you... 
covering you in a blanket of love.

Happy Mothers Day Mom.. I love you more then time or words can even begin to express....

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